Do housesitters not read instructions and feeling so frustrated



We like to do local sits for a change of scenery on a weekend. We live near the centre of a town and enjoy more rural sits. They could also be a great opportunity for older son who is studying Astronomy at school to do some observations with his telescope. However taking his telescope on a sit seems to guarantee full cloud cover on an evening!

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We are sitting locally, we’re retired and we no longer have our own pets (our son and family live in Australia so we visit for a month or two every year). We miss having pets but it wouldn’t be very fair to leave them for so long or so often we feel. Can you understand that there’s a very wide range of sitters all unique, and by stereotyping groups you’ll exclude sitters with unique skills and experiences.
I wonder if your stated exclusions are based on fear though and vulnerability? What I mean is that you’re quite unsure about how this can possibly work out ok?

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Your loss, other hosts’ gain. You’ll miss out on various strong sitters.

My next sit will be my first local one, after 15 sits farther afield domestically and abroad. It will be in a condo in a city center high-rise, versus homes I own. For day-to-day living, I much prefer big, luxurious houses on large lots in the burbs. I had considered buying a pied-à-terre at city center, but realized that I could use THS sit homes instead and get variety at no cost, worry free.

With urban sits, I can walk to restaurants, cafes and shops, which I can’t do from my homes. The restaurants are better at city centers, even when I order DoorDash.

Plus, my upcoming hosts have cats, which I love. I can’t have them, because of our territorial and reactive rescue dog. I always sit solo, because my husband is a homebody and he stays with our dog.

All to my local hosts’ benefit: If things work out, I might repeat sits for them. If so, they’d not only get a great sitter who increasingly knows their pets, I’d never sightsee during local sits (I’d just telecommute from their places) and I’d never be delayed by a flight. Plus, I might be able to do last-minute sits, without caring about airfares. All such elements are possible with local sitters.


…Says the person basically looking for free pet care :roll_eyes:


This whole post makes us shudder with its narrow mindedness. No to anyone local. Anyone working. Anyone who isn’t a “Tourist” - which interestingly is often the least favourite choice by a lot of HOs as they spend way more time exploring the sights than taking care of the pets and animals. That local people are essentially “Homeless” based on zero evidence - they could want to escape a busy home, an annoying flatmate, want a quiet place to study, need a change of scenery, are keen to check out a new neighbourhood of their home town, be about to move house and on and on it goes. Oh, & your “tourist” should have their own pets at home with another sitter for another unknown reason. Adding another layer of risk and potential cancellation. As for digital nomads and remote workers, well they’re not worth considering either :rofl::rofl: #thispostbeggarsbelief


I am voicing my opinion which of course i’m entitled to. I.
Have had before my trip.Four sets of sitters cancel… They were footloose fancy free people with no pets. Not what I want taking care of my pets. So maybe I’m missing out of some sitters. But personally i’m a center myself and I know about responsibility. The others don’t seem to.

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Of course you are

This is definitely not a norm. Very unusual, even unheard of, I´d say. Hmmm, how could it possibly happen?


Why are you selecting these sitters though?
I don’t understand…. is it that your listing isn’t attracting the much more discerning sitters so that you only get sitters who possibly other HOs aren’t confirming? It’s very mysterious….

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I think it’s less about regions versus some folks simply are more generous and hospitable than others.

However generous hosts are, I don’t take advantage. Like if I wanted only one cocktail during a sit, maybe I’d take up a host’s offer to help myself to their liquor. But I would just buy my own supplies if I wanted more. And I certainly wouldn’t expect it, nor would I abuse hospitality.

I mean, I manage to feed and water (and cocktail) myself when I’m not sitting. I don’t see why my hosts would suddenly become responsible for that when I sit.

I always plan for no food from my hosts. I either buy food on the way or order groceries and/or meals when I arrive. I don’t sit in the sticks, but if I did, I’d certainly expect to bring or otherwise get food on my own.

If I was at a sit during mealtime and wasn’t offered food, I’d have no problem with ordering in or going out for food. In most cities where I sit, there’s amazing food available and I’d rather be free to have that, rather than eat what a normal home cook could manage.

When hosts have cooked me meals, taken me out or ordered in, it’s always been more about the company than the food.



You stated your opinion but while doing so you also said, unkindly, “sitters that don’t currently have pets don’t care”

Forum rules request that we “Keep it kind
Let’s make TrustedHousesitters a friendly place for everyone! Respect is key. We love discussions, but let’s keep it kind and respectful”


Why are you choosing multiple sets of people who do not match your criteria?!
Sounds like you don’t vet your sitters thoroughly enough. Its highly unusual for 4 sets of sitters to cancel on the same sit!!


@pashirley this seems like an unusually high rate of cancellations . Were these all confirmed sits or did the sitters withdraw their applications before they had formally accepted the sit ?

This made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:

Yeah, I am like that too. When the host shows me where the gin is, I may sample something from one of the half-full bottles. That is about it.


A bottle of wine would be wasted on me. I wouldn’t drink it. If it was a sit I was doing with my car, I’d take it with me and give it to someone else, but if it was abroad where I didn’t know anyone, I’d probably just give it back to the hosts

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Ew. I’d be so put off.


Some people just complain for the sake of it… I’d be disappointed about a totally empty fridge, but expecting something as specific as a bottle of wine… really?

if they were less foot loose and less fancy free, they might not be able to house sit… have you thought of that?


If you live in a very desirable area, you can set the level very high.

Think carefully about what you want. Do you really want to give your car? Do you really want to drive an hour and a half to the airport? Or shouldn’t it be sitters who rent their own car at the airport and come to your location?

Do you really want a whole family or would you rather have just one person or a couple? Think about it carefully.

Think also carefully in advance about how the sitter will respond and what his communication behavior is like, does it suit you?

Does the sitter ask questions about the pets during a video call?

Ultimately, you decide exactly what you are looking for. Don’t compromise.


Redlady - I am a HO and I am a bit worried if a HS would chose the area as a only reason to sit. I get that sitting at a place in a ‘boring’ subdivision is not the most exciting place. But sometimes HO need a house sitter there too esp. if it’s an emergency HS. To take on a house sit please, no matter what place, take in account that if you’d rent a vacation home you’d pay a lot of money (esp. during the main holiday time and in exciting areas). Taking great care of the pets in that house in exchange to life there for free should be taken seriously.