Do you chase-up feedback

Thank you @Therese-MembershipService I could not agree more …

After 11 years of full time sitting I’ve had many repeat sits which I always ask the owners to review, they are always happy to oblige. Why ask on repeat sits? If there is ever a question about review validity would an owner invite you back if they weren’t happy?

My profile has many reviews and I’m incredibly proud of each and every one, it’s the only thank you I ever want and I can never have too many.

I will message owners but it’s a genuine ask … “I may have many reviews but each and every one is just as important as the first, and coming from you and “pet’s name” makes it very special” The review is thanks for peace of mind, a happy pet and a job well done.

Sometimes we forget, or don’t realise, just how important a small but genuine gesture of appreciation can be.


Wahoo, we got the review!
Thanks for the replies. We are pretty similar to most, out of all the sits we’ve done just one we never chased for a review & that was simply the home owners circumstance at the time, we thought they had too much on their plate. We also had an early review that came a number of months after the sit.
It’s more a worry for me if we don’t get one. Think we all like piece of mind that we leave a happy pet & a happy home owner.


This question is on this same topic. Amparo replied to my comment that it’s important to obtain reviews for each sit regardless of it being a repeat sit for a homeowner but the repeat sits we’ve done are for some homeowners who no longer belong to THS. One couple we sat for five years ago and we were their first sitters on the site and they decided they didn’t want anyone else so didn’t renew their membership and now personally invite us to sit and don’t travel unless we’re available. Are there other sitters out there who sit for homeowners who no longer belong to THS? If the homeowners no longer belong to THS, are they still able to do a review?


Hi @Annette. It’s great that pet owners want you to return, as it reflects well in your profile. However, if they are no longer members, your option is to ask them to do a reference instead. You can request the reference, and I always ask them to start it by showing the location (city/country) and the date range. In a THS review this automatically displays, but when it’s a reference it does not. You may also want to ask them to mention that this is the ‘second time’ etc - whatever is relevant.

Instructions for: How do I ask for a reference

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Hi Annette. You have a valid question and yes I would be one of those. I have been sitting with THS since 2018. I started with a different platform. In total I have about 70-80 sits now, I honestly have lost track of the numbers.
I do many repeats with folks who are no longer on any platform just like you describe. They are just friends now who message me and ask if I’m available.
I have not been too concerned with getting reviews and references since I am booked most of the time and have lots of fabulous reviews.
That being said, I now feel that I am selling myself short and I’m going to start asking for references as @Snowbird suggests.
Number one reason being I love this and Well Why not get the recognition deserved?


Thanks Snowbird for your input - appreciate it!


Thanks Amparo for your reply - appreciate your feedback!


Hi @Annette I, too, think you’re selling yourself too short and should be recognised for your repeat sits for those no longer members. You can get them to do a House and Pet Reference but they can only do it once (unless they have a couple of different email addresses). You also need to remember that should there be any kind of issue or emergency you and the owners have no support from an organisation like THS. I’d be really encouraging those owners to re-join.

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Thanks for your feedback but we only sit for one couple now that don’t belong to THS and have had a great friendship with them for five years now. Don’t want to get into details here but we’re definitely not selling ourselves short!

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