Do you contact sitters directly?

As owners, we can choose sitters on theTHS list indicating a town, a country
Have you ever used that ? Instead of publishing an ad ?

I tried once, selecting a dozen members living in France, who seemed available at my dates, with nice feed backs, writing to one after the other one, as i was waiting for an answer.
I got many négative ones. It takes time.

I guess it’s more convenient to call directly a sitter who has come before ? Then you call him/her, you don’t use the list ?

Yes, we have contacted Sitters directly when we have had no replies to an advert. The main problem we have had is that a Sitter’s diary is not up to date. One Sitter told me that it is difficult to update diaries if it is not for a house sit. I don’t know if this is correct???

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No Margaret, it’s not correct. The only thing is not to forget to write down a period in which owners can make their choice.
And, it seems weird, if I have written let’s say 1 to 31/09/2020, even 2 months later, THS will not have deleted these dates.

If I forget to add (it’s an example) 15 to 25/12 then owners may think I’m not available at these dates.

Sitters have to remember the dates they have written, and changed them if necessary.

As an owner, I have tried to contact directly many sitters living not far from us, who seemed free. NONE was free !

As a sitter I do forget to change my dates… and to delete the periods which are beyond and no more ahead !


Thank you, Provence. So it is Sitters forgetting to amend dates when they are not available.

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