Do you need to pay to create a profile?

Well @Amparo, I’ll put on my :mage: magic attire, wave my wand, and do my best to help @naanaboo.

@naanaboo , welcome and enjoy this warm and caring community, and the adventures around every corner. I think it would be good to follow Vanessa’s suggestion and first introduce yourself, as we’d love to know a little about you. Please remember to share whether you are a sitter, homeowner, or have a combined membership. Here’s a link to that area, and click on ‘new topic’:

Introduce yourself

To answer your question, yes you can link your THS account to the forum by embedding it in your username. I’ll add a link to the instructions next:

Adding a link to your profile in your forum username

If you need any help with any of this, feel free to direct message me. To do that you’d just click on my ‘Snowbird’ name and then click on the green message envelope. That allows you to send a message to a person away from the public forum.

Voluntary Forum Moderator

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