Do you need to pay to create a profile?

I’m a bit confused,
when joining THS you can the possibility to create a free account but it seems you can’t do anything with it unless you pay? Is that correct?
Do you need to pay first before you are able to enter your details, photos and so on?


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Hi @Rubos and welcome to the forum. I want to just clarify that there is a difference between the TrustedHousesittters forum and the website. You are currently on the forum, which is open to both THS members and the public. Anyone can open a free account here, as you have done.

However, to be a pet sitter or homeowner looking for a sitter, it is a paid membership. I’ll add a link to the website:

TrustedHouseSitters website

You’ll see a ‘join now’ button. Once you have joined and paid your membership, you can create your profile and add your details and photos.

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Hello @Rubos and welcome to our house sitting community.

As @Snowbird correctly mentions you do need to make an annual payment to add your profile as a sitter, or a listing as a home and pet owner. But yes (outside the forum), when you first go to the TrustedHousesitters platform, you will be asked to provide your email address which creates a “partial” account for you. You’ll be able to browse and see more about how the service works, but to go to the next step of using the service, you’ll need to make payment in the way that Francine details above.

Are you hoping to use house sitters or become one? Do come back and introduce yourself when you’re all set up :slight_smile:

If you do need any help with this or have more questions, let us know and we’ll get a membership services staff member to assist you, although you’ll likely get help here too from our very helpful community members!

All the best, Vanessa


Admins, is there a way to link my THS account and the one I had to make to join the forum?

This one is for you @Snowbird
She knows all the magic tricks :wink:

Well @Amparo, I’ll put on my :mage: magic attire, wave my wand, and do my best to help @naanaboo.

@naanaboo , welcome and enjoy this warm and caring community, and the adventures around every corner. I think it would be good to follow Vanessa’s suggestion and first introduce yourself, as we’d love to know a little about you. Please remember to share whether you are a sitter, homeowner, or have a combined membership. Here’s a link to that area, and click on ‘new topic’:

Introduce yourself

To answer your question, yes you can link your THS account to the forum by embedding it in your username. I’ll add a link to the instructions next:

Adding a link to your profile in your forum username

If you need any help with any of this, feel free to direct message me. To do that you’d just click on my ‘Snowbird’ name and then click on the green message envelope. That allows you to send a message to a person away from the public forum.

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