Do you pet sit with your kid(s)

Some sitters travel with their pet, others with friends (a few testimonies have been published on this forum)

Do you pet sit also with kids? What age?

Have you got negative answers from the owners once selected when you told them you planned to come with a baby, young child or teen ager ?

Do you write on your profile you come with your kid (or nephew cousin etc.) Or do you make the announcement later on?

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Hi @Provence we have many families who enjoy a wonderful pet sitting lifestyle, there is a dedicated page on the blog.

@mim22 lives in Singapore and her 18 month old daughter already has 1 sit “under the collar” … one of the most inspirational families are the Swensons from CA who home school their 3 children and have done numerous sits around the world.

We have enough children on the site to start a Junior Pet Sitters Club, it would be incredibly interesting and insightful to their perspective on house and pet sitting … perhaps not from the youngest, but then their photos with the animals would speak a thousand words

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Well Angela, when i seek "kids"or “children” on the magnifier research icon
i don’t find any info on the topic…

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Hi! @Angela-CommunityManager and @Provence

Yes, we have done a sit with our baby and look forward to doing more when the world opens up. We actually did one last Christmas in Australia that was awesome. The couple we sat for has grandchildren, so we couldn’t have asked for a better set up. They had everything; toys, prams, a crib, high chair, swing sets, trampoline, etc. All we had to do was show up.

And we have gotten good responses from other families. Some will tell us they worry about the size/ skidishness of their animals with young children or the set up of their houses (lots of sharp angles or staircases), but not all.

We look forward to taking a year off at some point very soon and using THS to work our way around the world as a family.


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@Angela-CommunityManager, clicking on the blog link in your post this is what i’ve got

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Thank you @Provence will get the link checked …