Do you prefer full time sitters or do you trust less experienced?

When you receive applications, do you prefer very expérienced sitters such as full time ones who have 20, 40, 100 feebacks or do you choose less experienced sitters or without any experience at all but who have had animal of their own in the past?

Why ? To give them a chance? Because they live closer?

Are you suspicious about fulltime sitters who have no home? More when they are young than If they are retired ?

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I don’t shortlist people who’ve never done pet sitting before and definitely no one who can’t provide references, police checks, proof of ID and a permanent home address.

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@Lynda, all the proofs you ask, such as ID, are given to THS, when sitters (and owners too) subscribe. I think II’ve been obliged to send a copy of my passport. Am I right Angela (our community manager) ?

in Europe there is no possibility to get police checks . Are you living in USA ? where everybody may get information on his neighbour or a total stranger ?? Just clicking on internet ? This is impossible in France, we have strict laws, many informations are only given to police, not to anyone

Hi @Provence

When a new member registers with TrustedHousesitters there are two steps of verification, email and proof of identity. Many sitters do have background checks which they have taken out and at one time TrustedHousesitters offered this service through a third party company.

Personal background checks can be taken out in many countries if the member is a resident, it’s different everywhere and we always advise sourcing the information locally. I completed mine through my local RCMP office in Canada, all volunteers are required to have this done.

I have been asked for passport details by just one owner.

When owners are surveyed on what they regard as the best assurance on a sitter’s ability to be the right sitter for them the overwhelming response is References and Reviews.

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I ask for a DBS certificate (UK); American sitters have given me their Licence to Carry (guns) showing a police check has been done on them. I always ask for referees that I can contact direct, not just those who post a few words on TH. I insist on home contact details and a copy of the sitters’ passport.

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THS don’t pass on the information they have though (proof of ID), so I have no basis on which to judge, hence going through all the checking myself.

I forgot to mention I also require proof of travel (e.g. airline ticket) before I confirm the sit, after all, what would happen to my holiday if a sitter didn’t turn up?

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When I select applicants I look primarily for their verification status, followed by their experience in looking after dogs and farm animals, followed by their references/feedback. We than talk by phone/skype etc. It doesn’t matter to us if they have 2 or 200 hundred sits under their belts and everyone has to start somewhere.


Welcome @Margaret . I guess every sitter accepted by THS has his/her status verified. I don’t think anyone can cheat on I.D…

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