Do you read applications or just view profiles?

I’m quite surprised when I receive no answer to discover owners have not taken even the time to read my messages !
Sometimes they still have not chosen any candidate yet but have already declined my application (without reading it as I can see under my message “unread”)

So I’m really curious : do some owners when they receive applications just click on the head of messages, look at the profiles, the reviews and read only a few of messages ? Not all ? As obviously a few owners are unable to make their choice and leave their listing for weeks and get more than 30 answers sometimes…

As I 've got already 5 reviews, all positive, I 'm wondering : is it my age which is repulsive ? How can I know ?

Being an owner myself and occasionnally a sitter i can’t understand this attitude. Is it frequent ? I would like to know

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Hello, Provence,
I’m very new to Trusted Housesitters, and have only one pre-sit experience so far. But I read and responded to each one. I like it when someone takes the time to write an individualized reply, and I feel they deserve a reply from me. I read both the message as well as the profile and reviews of the sitters who apply. Since I’m trusting my beloved dog and my home to someone, I must do my due diligence.


Welcome to the group ; thanks to have replied : you are the first owner in 2 weeks time to do so…

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I always read all the message. Honestly, the message means more to me than the profile. It tells me if the sitter read my listing, understands where we are and what the limitations are our here (we live in a pretty rural place in Alaska). Then I go to the profile. Not so much the reviews, more what they wrote about themselves.
I also reply to each and every message I get.


I always read and respond to all messages when looking for a sitter

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I do a lot of sits in very popular locations. The owners tell me they get hundreds and hundreds of applications, so most of them can not possibly read all of them. They just start with a few and it might take a while to interview those three, check references, coordinate details, and go back and forth with all the details and questions and answers before being able to make a choice. Sadly, the rest must go
unread and they keep the posting open in case none of the three work out and they have to start again.
When they finally close the posting, they usually send out a form letter to the rest of the applicants, but not all homeowners are aware of that option. I try to educate them when I can, or encourage them to contact TH for help in navigating the website.
The homeowners for these popular sits will often just call upon sitters they have had in the past to avoid all that traumatic work, so when a posting appears, it’s often a homeowner new to the site. They can’t be expected to know all the ins and outs.


Welcome to the club.
Why don’t you read feedbacks and profiles?don’t you think the owners’ point of view is useful ? A sitter can always prétend (s)he is perfect when an owner does not share that point of view.
I agree with you an answer which matches with the need is fine, but not better to my point of view than a feed back.
Once somebody applied but gave me a pet name which was not one of mine…i hated that.

I dislike the idea somebody used the same message to a few owners. Am i too tough ?

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Welcome to the forum @Michele Thank you so much for joining our community, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world and we look forward to getting to know you better.

Angela & The Team

I am in the somewhat lucky position that bunny sitting in big cities doesn’t seem to be overly popular. :slight_smile: So I (as a home owner) always receive only a hand full applications and study them thoroughly. The messages are somewhat important to me because they indicate if someone actually read my lengthy listing and at least made an effort to personalize the message. Next important to me are the reviews. Having written so many reviews myself by now, I think I can tell if someone just received a polite “good review” or a did-an-awesome-job “great review”. Then comes the self description.

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As an owner I received dozens of messages from applicants in one day only (Provence, garden and pool were appealing more probably than looking after my dog and cat ) but since i precised i want sitters who speak french in order to be able to face emergencies; such as call firemen, discussions with my neighbours or a plummer, the amount has decreased.
Few sitters speak french when foreigners

Very important to insist on wishes in the listing. It avoids desappointments on both sides …


Hi @Provence ,
We are new to Trusted Housesitters and have only put the one sit on here so far, which is at the end of this month, but I would always read and reply to ALL messages received. I would consider it rude not to when sitters have taken the time to write and apply.


Totally agree with you. I wonder if some HO do not realize you can put the Sit on hold if you get too many responses? It can be a time consuming process but its an important one!