Do you trust sitters location which appears on their profie?

A few times I sent private invitations to sitters who appeared on their profiles living in a french town (I thought it could be easier for them to reach my home under Covid threat)

On phone, or in their answer to my questions, they told me the name of the town indicated on their profile was the one of their last sit ! Because they had no permanent adress, no home

I was really surprised. This means when a sitter is new on THS, (s)he can show THS an identity paper (driving licence, passport) with a town indicated on it (let’s say NYC or Paris) but once (s)he’s accepted, it can be changed on his:her profile ?

Choosing some sitter I thought local seemed a good idea. In reality the town indication is meaningless.

This is why I always ask now where does the sitter live and due to a very strange experience lately I ask a copy of id (the one given to THS I hope).

I really think nobody must have his identity hidden. As a sitter I always suggest to send prooves I am the one I pretend to be, and with my liability insurance copy owners know i have a home which is insured and me too


As a full-time sitter, our hometown is ‘Manchester’ - however, we have not been to Manchester for more than a year. I think changing our location regularly depending on our current location seems to be the best idea for us as a most accurate guide to where we are at any time


I have seen this where sitters have a French town and then its changed to another place, because they use the place they are sitting in as their town maybe, if they have no fixed abode it’s better that they use a c/o address maybe, like parents address.

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@Provence I can’t remember which document I submitted to THS but neither my Swiss nor my American passport indicate where I live. My Swiss driver’s license doesn’t show the town where I live but my American one does. So I don’t think that identity papers are necessarily indicative of someone’s residence.

Even though I reside in Switzerland, I plan to change my THS location to the United Kingdom after I arrive there on October 13. I’ll be there for a couple of months and I think it will be easier for me to book sits once HOs know that I’m physically in the country.

As a HO, can you please tell me if you see a sitter’s location in the application? Or, do you have to go to a sitter’s profile to see where they live. Thanks for any information you can share. As a sitter, I don’t know what HOs see along with my application letter.

I am a full-time sitter and every time we change location, I change it on my THS profile.


It seems that it has to be understood by now that there are many of us who are full time travelers, sitters, nomads whatever term one is comfortable applying and given that we have a base where we actually spend either no time at all or very limited time.
We use the address of a family member. This is necessary for many reasons including citizenship, personal and business. Even as a retired person, I have to provide a physical address.
I get many “local” requests and politely decline as it is rare that I am “in the area” but never do I use the address of sit, of a homeowner. I might do that to accept deliveries during the sit.
I do not believe anyone is attempting to be deceitful. In my opinion, there has to be a certain level of trust. I have only been ever asked to show proof of my identity once and what I showed was my passport which has no address.
Again, this is one of those circumstances where one has to choose what feels right to them.
For me, this site and this thing that I do, how I have chosen to live, is the best thing I have ever done. It suits my desired lifestyle and nourishes my soul.
Most of my experiences since 2018, in 9 different countries, maybe 75 sits now has been absolute joy.
I am a trusted housesitter.


I have not tried that and perhaps I should in future. What I have done is indicate in my profile intro that I am currently in a particular area but even then I found that many HO’s don’t seem to make note of it.
I think when they search by area for a sitter it shows them where we indicate as our base.
I will have to consider this. Thanks

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Yes Mary Kay, this is why I contacted you (lately) assuming you were living in Switzerland ! So not very far from me, and you answered you were flying to US 2 days later

For an owner, I really think it’s confusing.
I like to know where people live, not only to select them, but also to trust what it’s written. As THS asks for ID, I was naïve, I thought what was indicated was true

For example, if I want to select people living in France, i may be wrong : sitters who indicate Paris or Toulouse may live elsewhere if it was only the last town where they have lived

i noticed that only a week ago, the sitter I selected just arrived in France from Costa Rica, but on her profile she was supposed to live in Madrid. She is canadian and does not live in Spain, she’s a french resident, she just has spent a few days in Spain…

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I like a few commenting here is also a Full-Time housesitter. I can see how people changing there location could be confusing and I have never done this but on my profile when I was running around the world. I listed all the towns and countries I was in and due to be sitting in so it was there to be found in plain sight but tbh I still got requests from random HO from all over Europe who obviously didn’t bother to read my profile to see that I was on the other side of the world. Swings and Roundabouts as they say, not all HO are reading all/any of the info on our profiles.

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I found your profile and this is what is shown:

It says Montreux, Switzerland. When I search for sitters in Switzerland it shows your profile picture and underneath the number of 5* plus your location.

In Germany only the personal identification shows the address. Everybody has to have this ID and you have to have it with you anywhere you go. The passport doesn’t show an address, neither does the driver’s license, as it’s not mandatory for everyone.

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In France, the adress shown on ID can have changed of course, a passport is valid 10 years, a national security card 15

But I guess insurances need to know where sitters live for true if they need to contact them…

We are the same in the UK no address on your passport but an address on my drivers licence. I don’t see why a HO wants me to have a perm address, I want to travel the world not pay rent on a property I don’t live in so proving who I am if they really don’t trust should be enough. Must say I have done sits in 3 countries and never had to prove address or ID, we do this on the website for security already.

RE what HO see I believe it is just your profile, they can’t just show personal data just becasue that would be against the law.


I trust people (i’ve swapped homes with 43 couples, that"s around 80 people since 1988 in different places where I lived) but I like to know where they are from, where they live. It’s the same with sitters (we have welcomed 7 couples so far, not all from THS)

Explain me how can I reach you after your departure if you have been flashed on the road (in case I let you my car) if you broke something important in my home (how the insurance works if nobody can send you a letter somewhere)

I don’t think my questions are non relevant : after all you need to give an adress to car rental compagnies, airflight compagnies, hotels.

Sitters know my adress (where they will sit=) my real name (on my dog’s papers, my letter box) WHY should I know not my sitters’ adresses…

Hello @Provence
As far as I know, in France, the only official paper on which you have to change your address when moving is the “Grey Card” / carte grise of the car : and I think it is because if you don’t do it, you could not receive the fines ! I think you have 1 month to change the address other wise you can be fined 150 € if controlled by police.
Concerning the car insurance, you are right : if you don’t tell your insurance you have a new address you may not be “covered”, or less (I don’t know how to say that in english !), as insurance company could say your new address is more risky !
I would think it is the same for your liability insurance which is in France very often link to your house insurance : you would have to tell you insurance cie when you are moving.
So Yes I suppose the best document to prove your address would be an insurance certificate.
But what could it be for nomad people, with no home ? I don’t know… And I can understand it could be a problem… I’ve never though of that before… :thinking:
I think as a sitter I will ask our insurance company to deliver us a certificate of liability insurance… just in case I could be asked.

On the french passport, the adress appears under “residence” in very little letters

@provence @Düsenzofe thanks for your responses. To clarify, my permanent residence is Montreux, Switzerland. We also have a home in the USA, where we spend one month out of the year.

When I’m physically in Switzerland, that’s my “location” on THS. I will, however, change my location when I go to the UK in October so that it indicates on my profile that I’m already in the UK. I think that will give HOs more confidence that I’ll be able to fulfill the requirements of the sit.

Thanks for checking my profile @Düsenzofe. I’m sorry that my question wasn’t clear. When you receive an application from a sitter, do you immediately see their location or do you have to go to their profile? As I’m only registered as a sitter, I’m blind as to what HOs see when I submit an application. Do they only see our application letter and then if they’re interested they can click on our profile – or do you immediately see a sitter’s location when they submit an application.

Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile:

when some sitter applies after I publish my listing, i of course I read his/her message but I watch his/her profile immediately
So I know where (s)he sives (or is supposed to live)

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yes, the fine department (service des amendes) is in relation with the tax department : if some car owner does not pay the fine, he will get news from the tax department a few months later…

No doubt they are very well organized to collect our money !! :laughing:
But I can understand you as a HO needing a proof of residency. I suppose in case you can not contact some sitters you would need to fore some reasons, THS would help you to get in touch as they got a “contact phone number” and a “safety contact”…
Oh wait…

I just checked I din’t fill any information in the “Safety contact”… so it is not obligatory neither !
So definitely it could be a trouble to contact someone…

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I see THS as almost like a dating site. (Not that I have ever used one !)

I use the site to find a suitable/attractive House and pet sit.

I change my location depending on where I am or where I want to travel to. Several times a year, in normal times.

The trusted bit is between a homeowner and a sitter.

I think that too many people are expecting THS to be more involved in resolving disputes or solving problems.

For my $100(approx.) a year I am happy to be introduced to a homeowner and then get on with the rest myself.

If you really want a service where you are led every step of the way, you will pay 10 times that.