Does anyone confirm sitters without a call/video call?

Several HOs confirmed without a telephone or video meeting.

[quote=“Cuttlefish, post:12, topic:44598”]
Looking into the whites of someone’s eyes :eyes:
[/quote] most video meetings feel like this. Better when also a tour; see the home and duties, and what matters to the HO.

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That he confirmed us without doing any sort of ‘interview’ or hasn’t met us in person–each time he has had a very early flight and the dog’s care doesn’t require us to stay until he gets home–doesn’t speak to anything about his friendliness or character in my opinion. And for all I know, he may have some sort of social anxiety issue where he prefers not to meet the sitters in person. I can tell from our email and text communications that he is very friendly, and he has a beautiful home and easy dog so I am happy to come back anytime he needs someone and we are free. But everyone needs to do what they feel comfortable doing.

As a Guest/Sitter, I think the calls are important actually. Questions can come up on the call, there is a tone one gets. I have AD(H)D and although the calls don’t give me anxiety, having to schedule another thing and remember it does. But I’ve declined after calls because info was left out, dates turned out to be different, etc. Maybe double-check that the other party doesn’t want the call rather than not have one.

@Koba speaking as a sitter, I will not accept a sit without a call and my preference is for a video call. The one time I accepted a sit without a call, I regretted it.

Right off the bat, I can think of four owners that wanted to confirm me without a call. Things I learned during those calls made me see that the sit was not a match and I declined. Things like excessive clutter, a poorly trained dog and a HO who acted like I was from Mars for asking if she had any cameras. Perhaps the owners would have been pleased with my care of their home and pet but I would not have been happy.

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