Dog/house sitter needed 3-7 March, Mattapoisett Massachusetts USA

Dates: 3-7 March, 2022
Location: Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Country: USA

Request: We need a sitter for our home and our dog Gracie March 3-7. We are in Mattapoisett which is coastal Massachusetts, about an hour from Boston. House is in the woods, near the water. A car is needed for this sit unless you take a commuter bus and Uber to get here (a bit convoluted and some expense). Gracie likes one walk per day, and otherwise you can just let her outside in our yard for bathroom breaks. Looking for Trusted Housesitters member sitter. Could consider having sitter arrive a day earlier or depart a day later if better for sitter, and depending on covid vaccination status. Thanks for considering!

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Hello @GracieTheDog and we hope you find someone for your upcoming sit to look after gorgeous Gracie! As a premium member you can boost your listing (if you haven’t already) once it no longer shows as NEW (after 24 hours), and @Angela-CommunityManager can share on social media for you, but she would need your consent first.

The only other suggestion I’d make for the avoidance of any confusion if people are scanning through sits and locations quickly, is to remove “Montana Mountains” from the title. It is very clear clear when reading on through the listing that there is another location for the summer sits. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Good luck and fingers crossed someone takes up this fabulous opportunity!

@Vanessa-Admin thank you, that’s a great suggestion and I just edited the listing title. I have to edit the location for our seasonal home change so I can just edit the title then too. @Angela-CommunityManager I’m happy to have the listing go on social media if possible. thank you both!