Dog sitter Found ! 1-16 Jan Aberdeen Scotland

Dates: 1st-16 Jan
Location: Aberdeen

Request: Dougal the Staffie needs someone to feed and walk him in a home on a walk on the outskirts of Aberdeen close to transport

We live a simple life, gardening, walking and cooking. We want to travel more and would like to get to Namibia, Pam’s birth country (Norrie is Scottish). Pam now has residency in Portugal. This means she needs to spend 6 months of the year there. Norrie will visit for short periods, when we will need regular house sitters Covid travel restrictions dependent.
Dougal was a rescue, twice, so we would prefer not to put him into kennels.
We watch TV, cook, garden and sew & knit with a bit of cycling thrown in.


Hello Pam and welcome to the forum. I did search your sit and you’ve certainly done a great job of covering many details that are important to most sitters.

One thing I would suggest is to embed a link to your listing in your username. I’ll add the instructions here:

How to add a link to your listing in your username.

I hope all goes well with your travels,

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thank you and I will do that next time- I am pleased to say that I got some good applicants even at this late stage by inviting people. we have settled on someone (from a different site) and so I am going to delist(?) this ad.
Thanks for your feedback

I’m glad to hear that all worked out for you.