Dream “Must Haves”

OMG totally! LOL

@liz OMG yes! I started traveling with my own peeler knife! :grinning:

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I take my own butter knife! LOL

We travel with a knife sharpener. On my thank you note I always remind them that the knives have been sharpened.

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Apart from well behaved pets it would be space in the fridge and freezer. It’s one of my requests when we have our zoom call but it’s sometimes ignored.

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we ended up doing the same, Elsie. Along with the warning :wink:

I have been reflecting on @claresitsdogs question and reading with great interest what some of you have listed and I have just secured my very first post COVID sit … YAY!!

My dream “Must Haves” as many Springer Spaniels as a house can hold and horses outside the door :dog: :heart:

But to the DREAM practicalities of a sit .(which I have been fortunate enough to have)… the use of two bedrooms and a comfy SOFT bed with clean white bedding (I have a thing about white bedding, towels etc., the White Company would be perfect, kidding of course, or am I we are talking “Dream” here) two bathrooms and a central vac system … better still a robot vac and floor cleaner.

But really just more sits, with more pets and a broom and clean everything will be pawfect!


use of a car depends on the location for me. a recent sit in Portland, OR was in a neighborhood that was no car needed. Another recent sit would have required a mile and a half walk to the bus to get to the grocery - kind of needed a car for that one.

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I’m a homeowner that has also taken care of the homes of others. A sharp knife is essential. In fact, when we travel for longer trips (2 weeks to 4 months), we carry knives with us whenever possible.


We have a knife sharpener in our luggage. Essential kit


No way lol

Yes agree we all like a good potato peelers.
Also a good knife for slicing onions mushrooms etc

Yes, I also bring them, plus a good coir vegetable brush, a can opener, sea salt, and a bag of cleaning supplies, among other things, because I have been on sits that lacked these items. I found a great, sharp, inexpensive vegetable knife that I travel with-
Pure Komachi 2 Nakiri Knife, 5-3/8-Inch (green). This load is pared down if I am not driving to the sit.

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I’ve been thinking about taking my good can opener and vegetable peeler. But I’m now gonna start taking my knife sharpener as well. Great idea! (I do take my 6" French knife).

Traveling with sharp knives or how about a really good knife sharpener?


I can cope with most things but a clean bed with fresh bed linen is an absolute must. I would walk away if I were to be disrespected to the point of being expected to sleep in a dirty bed.
Other than that I take my own coffee beans, grinder and cafetiere plus a small sharp knife.

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Comfy clean bed
Comfy seating
Large TV
Quiet pets

Optional use of a car. I would take more sits in a wider variety of places if I knew I could fly in and use the owner’s car (with my proof of insurance of course). I’ve had a kind owner offer and took them up on it.


Except seaside, use of car and white sheets (but white towels)…everything from sharp knifes, peelers, sea salt, sharpener…you name it, to 2 bedrooms (1 king normal mattress, 1 queen waterbed), 2 bathrooms even if one is really small, mostly quiet cats and coffee/espresso machines is here :rofl::rofl::rofl:…AND it’s clean.

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Oh my gosh @Düsenzofe I’ve found a kindred spirit …

White sheets and white towels … it’s a white thing of mine also :sweat_smile: