Due to the current situation

Could memberships not be put on hold or perhaps a choice to do so
Until things settle with infection rate of cov19.
It is the sitters losing out after all

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I know where you’re coming from, it’s the same with our National Trust membership, my Rail Card etc etc … Even when sits have been advertised, I’ve been reluctant to apply. I like to think we are 100% reliable. If a HO has to cancel, it’s not the end of the world for us but we CANNOT let anyone down, so we have only done two sits this year and kept our fingers crossed that all would be well (it was). The other side of this is that THS is not a charity and they have premises and staff to support. I understand the staff have also done their best to support sitters needing accommodation. My Leisure Centre has guaranteed no subscription increases to members who have stayed loyal. They, no doubt like THS, have had a lot of members cancelling their membership with inevitable loss of revenue.


They our asking us to recommend a friend to get a discount.
Someone mentioned on the forum.
What do you do if none of your friends have pets.
Yes I agree with you about staff etc
Its such a shame it has come to this.
There may be people on here that have lost their jobs.
Maybe even furlonged.
Kids to support.
Personally to myself yes a discount would be great or paused.
We our at the age now ,family grownup etc.
Full time sitters our also affected by this.
Do understand were your coming from.

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Things are pretty bad at present.
Just pray it settles down.
Or pisseeeesssss right of.
For everyone’s sake.


@Windtalker @Diggy

We completely understand your frustrations.

COVID has affected everyone. Businesses, particularly in the travel sector, have been decimated many have not survived, those that have took drastic measures to stay viable, TrustedHousesitters is no exception, we are so grateful to our amazing community who have supported us throughout 2020.

We furloughed 85% of the team, sadly said goodbye to a significant number of talented colleagues, took salary reductions across the team, we were determined TrustedHousesitters would survive and be here for our community when we could resume the lifestyle we have all come to enjoy.

Everything we have done was the maximum we could in order to support our community and remain financially viable.

Listening to our members we have taken this time to develop and improve our product so that members will benefit even more from their membership in 2021 and it’s important that we continually grow our community to give more opportunities to every member, keep more pets happy at home and for the company to grow.

Member’s success and the resumption of their chosen lifestyle, when it’s safe to do so, is our priority.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Angela and the Team


I arrived yesterday evening in my new sit in Saintes (France/Charente maritime) after a tiring drive under heavy train since sunday. With a stop as i lost the habit to drive 800 km alone
The owners drive today to Alps to join their son for Xmas

. We might shorten the sit If lockdown is again decided .
As since march i made 2 sits (3 weeks in England and this 9 days on France) and found 1 couple of sitters last summer i consider my THS fee for a year is ok. It was worth while.
I did not use much my train card, my library card , my gym souscription, and don’t ask for any refund.


Glad you arrived safely.

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@Provence well done that’s a long drive and in heavy rain, glad you are now safely settled …

Very well put, Angela and the team, where would all we sitters and HOs be without you? It doesn’t bear thinking about, especially for sitters who have no permanent home and HOs who have no one else to call on. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice to keep the company afloat and for rewarding our loyalty with an even better service in the future. Vive la THS!


Thank you @Diggy Keeping pets happy at home, giving owners peace of mind when they travel and sitters the very best pet and housesitting experiences are the three reasons we do what we do … and because we all love what we do.

Pets, people & places … we’re looking forward to getting back to doing what we all love as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Happy 2021 … Angela & TeamTrusted


I’d rather pay my membership accepting the current situation and have THS still around when this is all over. Hoping for better things next year!


Have to agree Clare, would rather pay subscriptions than have AFF in financial problems. Investing in the future


I’ve already got my money’s worth with all the sits I have been doing in Northern CA including having repeat customers.