Dues in local currency

My TrustedHousesitters bill is in Australian dollars. I am American. I pay with an American credit card. How can I find out what my membership fee is in American dollars? Why am I billed in AUS$?

Hi @Cheri and welcome to our community forum, apologies for not answering your question before now, Paul Head Of Membership services gave this reply:

“It is an ongoing issue with subscriptions as many members are transient and they may have been in a different location when they signed up or clicked the wrong currency. What we can do is advise members to get in touch when they are due to renew and we can help them switch the currency”

I hope that helps and thanks you again for joining our forum, enjoy the conversations, connecting with other members and we cannot wait to get to know you better and share in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela and the Team

Thanks for your reply. I received an informative email from TH. I have decided to leave my billing in Australian dollars.

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