Empty contraceptive packet under sofa cushions

My kids just found an empty contraceptive packet under the sofa cushions.

My first sitter left on Sunday & I’ve already given her a 5* review.

I guess my questions are:

  1. Is it appropriate that she had a ‘guest’ to visit/stay? (She told me her boyfriend was away on a boys holiday!)

  2. Is it appropriate that she shagged the ‘guest’ on my sofa?

  3. Is there any value in asking her about it? Or better just not to use her again?

I also happen to know that she accidentally let herself into my neighbours house (my keys & my neighbours keys were under the doormat) when she arrived at 1.30am (she’d told me it would be 11pm). She would have had a big shock because my neighbour is a dog sitter so she woke about 10 dogs up who all started barking. She left before my terrified neighbour made it downstairs to see what on earth was going on!!

In writing this I realise that, as much as I liked her, I shouldn’t use her again as I’d prefer someone who was upfront and honest if things go wrong.

Thanks for listening

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Eeek! No, I don’t think you should invite this sitter again!! She might have a threesome next time!! :rofl::joy::rofl:


She shouldn’t have had somebody else in your house, regardless if it was “for recreational purposes” :wink: or not.

I don’t quite understand the neighbour thing. I assume she might just have been confused by 2 sets of keys under the doormat? So I’d give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I wouldn’t bring the contraceptive up, I’m sure she’d be mortified! If she asks why you don’t want her to sit again for you, you can just tell her that you didn’t appreciate it that she had somebody else over in the house.

Are you certain the contraceptives belonged to her?
The neighbor situation was certainly a mix-up.
Since you already gave her 5 stars, you must have been satisfied with “the rest.”
However, if you’re in doubt, consider inviting someone else in the future.


Get a Ring Doorbell!

Without the video evidence of extra guests arriving you have no proof. She could say the contraceptive packet was there before!

(I take it you’ve ruled out all people …teenagers? who live there?!!)

If one of my regular HOs did not have a security camera on their front door, they would not have known a previous sitter had what looked like her whole family stay over for a long weekend!

You mean a torn, empty wrapper?

Yes. Thank goodness the contents was appropriately disposed of (or I just haven’t found it yet).

I’m not looking for retribution so don’t need proof, just wanting to gauge how appropriate it is for a housesitter to have a guest and shag them on the sofa? Doesn’t sit right with me but wanted to sense check with those who’ve had more experience.

However, I’d say the facts that I’ve been single for 6+ years, my children are 5 & 2 (both donor conceived) & my cleaner cleans under the sofa cushions once a fortnight tell me as much about what happened than a ring doorbell.


I’m single & have been for some time. The only other people in the house are my 5yo & my 2yo (both conceived by donor sperm!). :joy:

She went to the wrong house (two doors down) which coincidentally also had keys under the mat.

I can confirm sofas :slight_smile:

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Its against the THS code of conduct to have guests without prior approval from the homeowner.

Totally out of line.

I’d send her a note saying you found evidence of her having a guest and remind her of the THS code of conduct. Its important she is aware for future sits and homeowners.


Might have fallen out of a pocket and not so nefarious.


I’m not sure you can accuse the sitter of doing anything wrong here. As mentioned maybe it fell from her coat pocket?
I’d put it down as experience and not choose this sitter again if you don’t want to.


It’s totally inappropriate. If they want guests, they should have your permission, period end of story. If they have a partner for real, they should sit as a couple. I would not invite her back.


@richten1’s advice is the wisest. Yes it’s possible she had a guest & there were shenanigans but it also could be another story. The review is written, your pets & home are safe and returned to you. Just don’t have the sitter back to your home and mention “no guests please” in your listing (thanks @pietkuip, correct) and also your WG and off you go. #youliveandlearn


In the listing, I would say.


I find this thread hilarious. Thank you all for providing weekend entertainment!


The red flag for me was…she found both set of keys under the HO doormat and she thought to go to the neighbor’s house and let herself in? Does that make sense? Sounds dingy to me.


How about you just directly ask if she had a guest come over? Then you can take the appropriate measures after you hear what she had to say.