Ensuring sits benefit both parties

this one blows my mind as it totally goes against THS rules and sets a precedent for future sitters. Heck no…no way. What, like a live-in pet nanny?! For free!? Talk about abusing the concept of this platform. I wish sitters would not allow HO’s to break the rules by accepting sits like that.


I am relatively new here to THS and a HO only at this point in my life. I look forward in the future to experience THS as a home/pet sitter. I’ve had two wonderful sitters to my home. One for a month and the other for 2 weeks. I see this program as a way for me to introduce my beautiful city of San Clemente, CA to whoever is staying in my home. I think it’s exciting to share all the great activities, restaurants, etc. I would also never ask a home/pet sitter to stay with my dog 24/7. She’s a dog! She sleeps a lot. The guest should be out and about exploring. That’s my 2 cents!