EU sitters entering the UK: any problems at border control?

I have been reading about EU travellers seeking admittance into the UK being detained, fingerprinted, photographed ‘like criminals’ and forced to spend the night at the airport before finally being expelled. Apparently border officials, backed by the Home Office, are very suspicious of EU citizens coming to settle and eventually live on public benefit, especially if they don’t have a return ticket or a job.
I wanted to know if any EU sitters have experienced such problems lately?

I might be over reacting, but should there not be more instructions about the changed rules? No more freedom of movement for Brits and 76 page instructions for EU members citizens crossing to go to the UK? Apparently a total of 3294 EU citizens were refused entry (Home Office figures). Could spoil a lot of housesit and holidays of the home owners.

Hmm, I wonder if this is why I’ve been offered a bunch of UK sits recently.
Of course, getting through the covid blocks may be challenging unless the US gets turned green instead of amber.

Why would EU people who are simple travelling on vacation have any more trouble entering the UK (and vice versa)? We (from Canada) travel to the UK and EU often and have never had trouble. I know Brexit has affected long term stays and working etc, but has it also changed vacations?

ETA: I read up on this. It seems the only people being detained are Europeans coming to the UK to look for work, attend job interviews etc so I’m assuming people coming to the UK for a regular holiday and/or house sitting, shouldn’t have any trouble. And I don’t think Brits would have any trouble travelling to Europe for holidays either?

Thank you @Kelownagurl many are confused with Brexit related travel, as you quite rightly point out from research this applies mainly to those entering for other than vacation purposes … The best source for accurate advice are Official Gov Websites.

Yes, it is différent, travel, work, brexit and covid
Example for covid : the conditions for moving from England to France and from France to England are not the same. There is no reciprocity. You have to consult the official diplomatic sites for information. In France: Conseils aux Voyageurs - Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères