EvIDent data Removal

@Angela-CommunityManager as this is a question that is not just pertinent to me but to all members you have forced me to list it again as you felt the need to close it last time!?

I’m sure all members would like to know the answer to this question, this has nothing to do with just my membership but everyone’s membership.

Does EvIDent retain the information passed to them for 7 years (as they stated themselves) or not? and why can we not request our data deletion after verification directly with EvIDEnt so we have it in writing to them, and an official response from them that they will actually grant that request?

I don’t know why TH is being so bullish about closing down everyone’s queries on this issue that quite frankly has been a complete car wreck on TH’s part as to how this new procedure was instigated and explained to it’s members in the first place.

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