Expectations vs Reality

I would love to do a house sit for a parrot. As a youngster, I had budgies, canaries and a cockatiel. I almost got a parrot sit, but covid…

So the best I have managed so far…

is a sparrow , in Thailand.


Wow! The sparrow is a unique pet and those big parrots, well, they’re pretty amazing. I have been reading about caring for parrots – have never done it. I wonder how I will get experience? It seems they are not for a novice and I don’t think I’ll ever own one. Maybe it’s not in the cards for me? :worried: I have two sits coming up with parrots. One is short, they tell me I won’t have to do anything for her at all, and the other HO has found a place for her parrot to go while I’m there watching her dogs because she says he bites.

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The sparrow also bites! He was very keen on my toenails. But great fun. Something different .
The Parrots were at the Kuala Lumpur Bird World when I did a sit there in 2020. An amazing day out.


@Petermac , Was he your charge or just dropping by for a visit? You certainly seem to have a way with birds! :grinning:

He had been rescued by the HO when he fell out of a nest outside a nightclub in Phuket. No way to get him back in the nest. So he was allowed to fly around her bedroom, then went into his cage and spent the day outside. Was only a few weeks old.
I hope she released him eventually. I was due to do a repeat sit there, but covid…
And there were also 4 dogs,all rescues, so it wasn’t just a “sparrow” sit :rofl:


I really want to do a parrot sit as well. I love birds and have years of experience with all kinds of poultry and game birds but have yet to spend much time with parrots.

I’ve always really liked the idea of adopting a parrot, but they are a massive commitment so I would love to do a few sits with parrots to see what it’s really like to live with one. Hopefully one of these days!

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How cool! I’m sure you will land one soon.
Would love to do sits in Asia!

We used to look after our friend’s parrot, and then adopted an elderly Alexandrine parakeet.

We almost did a sit with a parrot back in May but it was cancelled due to the HOs “Fit2Fly” covid test results not coming through before their flight. Maybe we’ll get another chance.

We’d love to sit a parrot so we’ll keep looking for suitable sits

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