Experienced home swapper, pet sitter & pet owner

I’m rather new on THS as I am a member since 2019 only. But I’ve already made 5 sits on this site, 3 alone, 2 with my husband, 3 in Great Britain (4 days up to 3 weeks), 2 shorter stays in France.
To look after our cat and dog we have found on our side 2 sitters through THS (in the past we were members of another site)
We are french, married since 1986, involved in culture fields. We have traveled a lot in Europe (Scandinavia, GB, southern countries), Northern america, when we worked, mostly exchanging our Paris flat, our country home in Touraine, and since 2006 our house in Provence
So used to trust foreign people (we’ve made 40 swaps since 1988) we have decided to trust pet sitters. And as I find conjugal breaks important, I do pet sitting sometimes alone.

Retired now, we still love to travel often : we still exchange homes but also do pet sitting ourselves, another way of traveling. Economic too. But looking after animals is a bigger responsability.
We’ve looked after 3 dogs, 1 cat, poultry and tropical fish in Costwolds in july 2019, and after 2 cats in Kent last august Alone I was in charge of 1 dog, 1 cat and once 4 black cats (I was counting them all the time to be sure none was missing…)
Our last sit was decided in february before the Covid. On our side we had found a couple of sitters living in France to look after our cat and dog but if they could come, as they were living in Bordeaux, we were not sure ourselves to be able to go to England. We managed to go in the end and to avoid quarantine.
Some sad events changed in between : I was obliged to tell our sitters they would not walk our beloved dog as he passed away in june, then one month later that they would be in charge of a new puppy, a hard work as he was only 3 months old…
We faced on our side the death of the oldest cat (21 years old) of the english family. Even if we were warned by the owners that could happen, it was hard to face after the loss or our border collie.

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Carine it’s wonderful to have you in the Forum testing group, we are so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, it’s so sad losing a family member and trusted friend but I know, from our conversations, that “puppy” is happily settling in … new puppies, like new babies, we do tend to forget their little (and demanding) ways.

Thank you again for joining our testing team.

I think I made a mistake as I could read other members 'presentations elsewhere !