Favourite combinations of pets

I am on a great sit at the moment with 2 great dogs, and I was thinking about my favourite sits. I have done almost 50 sits over the past 5 years, with various combinations of dogs and cats and a sparrow, but I think my favourite sits are when you get 2 dogs who just get along and make your life so much fun.

I had several dogs over about 30 years and I think my favourites were when I had 2 who got along really well. I have done a lot of sits with single dogs, and even 4 rescues in Thailand, but 2 just seems to work.

From a long time ago, my favourites are Lucy and Bruno. Lucy is the only dog I have had from a puppy, and she was 17 when she finally passed.

Duffy and Ollie, my final Springer Spaniels, Ollie was a special boy.

Bonny and Clyde, who I cared for 4 times(4 months) in Bali.

Bunny and Bella, again in Bali for a month

Singapore, repeat sit

Singapore -Pig And Pog

Maxi and Juba in Singapore. I looked after them 3 times. Maxi is a star. I think if I ever have a dog of my own again, when I get old, I would look for a wee Maxi.

And others but you get the idea…


I’ve had a few sits with two dogs but they haven’t always got on exactly, or one has been a lot older than the other so one gets a shorter walk. I’ve loved and bonded with them all though, so far, as they all have their particular characteristics.


Great pics @Petermac


There is nothing like a dog. Or two. Or all of them.


What great dogs you’ve looked after @Petermac.

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What a beautiful collection of photos and sweet pups!

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@Petermac “Why do we have more than one hand? So we can “pet” more than one dog”

Lovely photos and I’m not sure who looks the happiest … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I should also have added my current twosome the Scooter Kids Bakso and Laki in Bali.


It’s definitely fun and entertaining when dogs get on and play together.

Our most recent sit was a single dog and a single cat (who needed to be kept apart), but it was lovely seeing Fred run and play with a friend in the park.

We’ve only done one sit with 2 dogs and this was more like @Smiley describes. The 2 dogs didn’t have a lot in common and the hormonal puppy was quite annoying for the older dog. Super cute though!

We did so a sit with 4 dogs, where 2 were great friends and used to play with a ball together with varying levels of skill!