Fear of making an honest 'negative' review

Perhaps there should simply be an auto choice that says, CANCELED, without specifying the reason or who initiated it. That way the empty review would not be misconstrued as a red flag, left blank to avoid saying something negative.


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So very true, I also feel that if it was to auto-populate that the sit had been cancelled, then maybe give both parties a option to add a comment, even though I feel that is not needed if both agreed to it. I do feel this wouldn’t cause problems with people that do this every once in while for things out of their control, however it would give insight into those that may do it more often. Wouldn’t you as HO like to know if a sitter is prone to last minutes cancels? I know myself as a sitter, would like to know if it happens often with a HO, since most of my sits I apply for are in another country, and travel is involved.

As @mars said, a just Canceled would work as well. Just as long as something is there, and not blank like no review left.

:green_square: canceled by sitter [ :one: in the past 6 months]

:green_square: canceled by homeowner [ :one: in the past 6 months]

:white_check_mark: canceled by mutual agreement

… assuming that THS is even keeping track of cancelations?


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Actually this could be useful laid out just like that. I think personally that it’s more rare to have someone that keeps canceling but if they are not currently keeping tabs on it, It should be, because currently HO/Sitters can’t tell.

In the end, all I know is I want to be able to trust reviews. Trying to read between lines does not work, because you can only assume that is what someone was trying to say. Because of Airbnb’s review system, I know the houses I have stayed at were fine even before I got there. I understand they are working on it, however I wish there was some sort of update on the matter, and an actual time frame of instead of “By end of the year” or “We’re working on it” Prior post and this one alone show how important of a topic that is it, and It makes me feel it’s not that important to the higher ups as it is to us.


And we’re still waiting nearly one year later………hey ho!


Being able to blind review would be great. We have had super experiences with one exception. She left us a 5*. She wasn’t awful but chose not to do most of the little extras we had asked her to including giving supplements in food and brushing. It felt uncomfortable to leave any less than stellar feedback.


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I completely understand. The blind reviews, and waiting to see each others until both are submitted, removes the chance of “I don’t want to rate them honestly, and them rate me lower in retaliation”, which in reading past post is very common. This leads to trying to write a read between the lines, or just not leave a review in end, which none do any good for future HO/Sitters. As of right now, unless there are several full write up of reviews, I myself don’t trust the review system, and don’t use it in my choice to apply or not.


I see the predicament with a lot of things. I wasn’t sure how to take a piece of feedback where the owner said I left the house exactly how it was when I went the extra mile and cleaned up their mess they left beforehand (socks, junk and biscuit wrappers all over the floor) but then I just wanted the positive feedback that I didn’t think much of it after that.


Next time you’ll know to leave their mess! :joy::wink:


I hope I can leave an honest ‘negative’ review of the sit I recently just rocked up at - then duly left without sitting (the owner was there so I didn’t just abandon the pets). The place was filthy!

I was a bit nervous about accepting the sit as the post had NO photos of the property inside or out - just the pets, and it was a single male (sorry I know I shouldn’t generalise - but the two sits now that I’ve had the worst experiences with this have both been single men!).

I also noticed on the app - that several sitters had not left reviews. However the reviews they did have seemed fine.

I feel I did my due diligence and during a phonecall did ask the HO - “is your house tidy?” to which he said “yes” and informed me that he was quite “minimal” - what a joke!!!

However I was also not at all pleased with the feedback I received from the customer service / Member Experience Executive (Juan) about this matter that just stated in an emailed response that “leaving a sit on the date you have agreed its a violation of our Terms and Conditions” and “what I can advise you is to communicate in the future to the owners and tell them about your concerns, so these kinds of situations can be avoided.” - that was literally all the support I got when I reported this.

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I know this isn’t going to be helpful but, as an experienced sitter, I’m surprised you accepted this sit in the first place. You say you were nervous. I can’t see the point of asking a HO if their house is tidy, they’re hardly going to say no. Red flags…However, not very helpful remarks from customer service….amazed you actually got through!


I know, I should have listened to my gut I really should. Lots of red flags… “I’ll give you a video tour” - never happened etc.,


As a HO, I totally agree with a revamping of the review system. I like the blind review idea and also HOs and sitters need to have tracking of cancelation history. This will help weed out people who are flaky


Wow, did you travel far for this sit? Can I ask how you explained why you weren’t staying and how tat went?
Personally I would never apply for a sit without photos of the interior, but indeed there are times when there are few photos, dark photos, blurry photos, but greats photos of the pets and it’s hard to make a judgement call if the dates/location fit.
THS rules are that photos are required, I think 5 is a minimum and they also now request photos of the sitter’s living space. When I spot a listing with no or inadequate photos I flag it and let admin know right away.


I explained that this was not what I had expected following our telephone conversations and having OCD I couldn’t live in that environment for even one night. He was quite okay about it actually, which made it easier, obviously I asked him what he would do and he said he’d make arrangement with his neighbours.

Thankfully I hadn’t traveled too far and had alternate accommodation I could go to - but once before I flew to a sit just outside Amsterdam that was the same and there was nothing I could do. All the animals had fleas and were just miserable too! I was furious - Immediately got the HO (the other single male I was taking about) to order Seresto Flea and Tick collars for all of them on next day delivery. Left very negative review, even though he left me 5 stars (and why wouldn’t he - the pets had never been happier since I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, and cleared 13 bags of feces left in the 3ft x 6ft patch of lawn in the garden on my arrival).

If ‘X’ amount of pictures of the property are the RULES - then how are these postings even getting through and WHY am I the one to get all the blame for this (for not listening to my gut!!).

I’m sorry but I’m also done flagging things to admin anymore, as I could spend days doing this with postings like this and disgruntled comments on the FB TH page etc., I think they desperately need more staff, you are just doing their job for them. It looks as though there are even ‘volunteer’ staff monitoring this forum!

I wondering now how many might have been let go of during the lockdowns?


I’m really quite upset that if the 5 photos rule is the norm (including living space) why no one in “support” has actually come back and told me this in regards to that sit.

I’m also very annoyed that the sit has magically “dissappeared” from my dashboard and I seemingly can’t leave a review (as I should of been able to today). So if you were to apply for his next posting you wouldn’t have no clue this had happened.

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It might be that it’s been an older listing. Only the newer ones are scanned for the required amount of pictures. THS doesn’t look at all the listings that were posted before.

Thank you @Düsenzofe as you quite correctly say only NEW member listings go through an approval process, all existing owner listings are simply published when dates are added, the minimum photo requirement is a recent addition.

Owners can edit their listings at anytime just as sitters do, which means any changes to the sit will not go through the same approval process as when originally posted.

@claresitsdogs you can email the Membership Services Team regarding the review, in fact I will tag @Therese-Moderator who can pick this up with you when she is back online.

@carpediem16 I also have seen many sits advertised with no inside photos of the house. Do you refer the ones you see to THS admin via this forum or via the THS site? If it’s the latter how do you do that?

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