Feedback for sitter room comfort

Hello! I am new to this forum and considering joining THS next year (no major travel planned through the end of this year) to find sitters for our home and two low-maintenance, sweet but shy kitties.

We have a lovely home in the LA suburbs near hiking trails and bike paths. Our home is a spacious, modern 2-story townhome with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We have a downstairs guest bedroom where we would prefer the sitter sleep.

I am planning to paint the room and make a few upgrades to make it more comfortable and appealing for sitters.

The room is not large but does fit a full size bed with a nightstand in each side. There is a closet and dresser with plenty of space to hang or fold clothes and things. There is a chest in the corner that we’ll move out to the garage, and I’m thinking of either - (1) a small desk there, or (2) an accent chair/lamp.

The living room has a comfortable lounge chair and reading light already, so although I think the accent chair would make the room look more cozy, it isn’t strictly necessary since there are other spaces for that function. The second option of a desk may be more appealing for people who work while sitting. Though it would be a small desk at least they would have a dedicated workspace to leave their laptop. We do have a home office in the 2nd floor but would rather not clear that for a sitters use. There is a larger dining table to use as a workspace but a desk in the guest room would allow a monitor to be placed there as well. Not as cozy looking as the chair but probably more functional.

Any feedback on which of the two options would be more desirable from a sitter’s perspective?

Thanks in advance!


@Felinelover welcome to the community forum. The answers you get will be as varied as the sitters. We come from all walks of life, with different interests and at different stages of our lives. You may get a wide variety of answers to your question, but you’re unlikely to get anywhere near a consensus.

You’ve already shown that you are considerate and respectful, and that goes a long way to keeping sitters happy. By the nature of what we do, good sitters learn to be flexible, adapt, and improvise. I’m not going to even voice my preference, as it will just start a stream of others who would want far different from me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Snowbird! Yes, it would be an individual preference thing but I was wondering with many continuing to work remotely if the desk would attract more interest. Though you’re right, with all the varied houses most are probably pretty adaptable!

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@Felinelover Although, like everyone else on the forum, I don’t have any data to support the demographics of our membership (although many still make assumptions and generalizations), I will share what surprised me when I joined the forum.

I’m in the 65+ category, and was surprised by how many forum members, later in life, are enjoying house and pet sitting. In particular, many of the same later-in-life sitters have taken on a nomad or semi-nomadic lifestyle. However, many in this category are also combining working with their nomadic lifestyle. Gone are the days for many of the Freedom 55 attitude, or the idea that 65 is retirement age. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a retiree, I put in more volunteer hours than when I worked for an income, and most of those hours are online (and my answer to your question is that I’m still likely sat at a kitchen island with my laptop, rather than a desk). Often I locate myself in a home based on view, rather than ergonomics. As our infamous @Amparo would say, we’re a weird bunch. :smile_cat:


You sound like a very considerate homeowner! As a sitter, my preference would be to have a small desk. While I likely wouldn’t work from a bedroom, a desk is useful as a spot to set my laptop, as you said. Also, if the desk has a mirror mounted on the wall above, it’s a nice spot to get ready in the morning.

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Thanks, and I love love love your user name!

The mirror over the desk is interesting. Though we have a nice full downstairs bath with plenty of mirror/getting ready space. And a full length mirror in the room as well. So maybe one too many mirrors, but Interesting idea to consider. Thank you!

Thank you :smiley_cat: :inbox_tray:

Yes, if you already have a full-length mirror in the room (which is great!), I agree a mirror over the desk might be extraneous.

I will say, if there’s not a handy surface on which to put a suitcase/backpack, I’d prefer a simple luggage stand over either a desk or chair! It doesn’t have to be a “real” luggage stand, just something a couple feet off the ground that can support an open suitcase or bag. I may be an anomaly, but I usually don’t fully unpack, so am constantly grabbing things out of my suitcase—it’s very nice not to have to bend down to the floor each time. In fact…the chest you plan to move out of the room might serve that purpose well :laughing:


Ifitfits - I think we are like minded :). I had the chest in their for guests to plop their bags onto. But a chair and/or desk is probably a better use of that corner. There is another space just beyond the door (or in the closet) for a folding luggage rack to stow, and then open :slight_smile:

I should add, I bought this home brand new 6 years ago and have steadily been decorating it and making it our home. The guest room was set up hastily in the beginning (we only have overnight guests once a year or two) and I’m just now getting around to truly fixing it up, for our own guests plus any potential sitters (which I would view as guests, as long as they care for my fur-babies!).


Sounds like a wonderful sit, and that’s so nice that you put so much thought into a sitter’s comfort. For me, I tend to spend much of my time on sits set up with my laptop in the main living area, like preferably at a comfortable kitchen or dining table, where I can spread out my things. I never use an owner’s personal desk, but that’s just me. And I rarely stay in the bedroom except to sleep.

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@Felinelover me thinks you can always suggest in your listing that there are options available for your sitters and change the set up accordingly after conversation with your chosen sitter.

Personally, I work full time but like @Snowbird , prefer to position my workstation (laptop on a stand, second monitor, the whole shebang) so I have a nice view or can see something going on outside the window, so I don’t feel cut off from the world when I’m working. An easy access to the kettle & fridge :rofl: and proximity to the pet basket/mat etc are also important. More often than not it’s a large dining table for me, as it’s more comfortable to sit at for longer periods.

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Hi @Felinelover -It is lovely to see that you are putting so much thought into this but I would say, don’t overthink it! - It is your home and primarily should be laid out to suit yourself. After all, you will be there by far the majority of the time, sitters are just occasional guests.

As a general rule of thumb, I would say the working housesitting community are an adaptable bunch. They will need somewhere to work and for most, as long as there is a table and some natural light they are happy. :grinning:


@Colin Exactly what I meant.
Personally I take a tablet so I can use it anywhere ( I don’t work).
Anf for the rest I adapt

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You are so thoughtful to be planning out your guest room for the sitter! I am going to vote for a lamp of some kind, rather than a desk. I can work from almost anywhere (currently sitting in my home, on my rather uncomfortable couch, with a laptop perched on my knees rather than using the perfectly functional desk and larger monitor I have). The thing I can’t do without is decent lighting! I don’t go crazy, turning on all the lights in a house, but when it gets to be dusk or it’s November and gloomy out, I do need to have a good reading lamp or something similar.

Thanks everyone! It seems like everyone’s work style is pretty individual so I think I’ll skip the desk and add an accent chair, small table, and lamp instead.

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