Feedback on new ‘5 applications and freeze’ system?

The limit itself does not really bother me, but maybe it could a bit higher.

The main problem is poor communication. It says “Reviewing” but that is not necessarily true. It should says something like “Automatically blocked for more applications”.

The change that I would like to see in the sitter interface is to make it clear that there is no hurry. What one needs to do quickly is to click “Apply now” and tick the dates, and keep the window open. After that one can read the listing, the references, look at travel, decide, and compose an application. It may be number 6 or 7, but it should reach the HO.

THS could explain this in the box where it now says “Tell them why you are perfect for their sit.”

This would solve several problems, for example the problem for HOs that they get many rushed applications that may not meet the requirements, applications that take up some of the five slots.