Feedback on poor sits

I had to back out of a sit because it was unsanitary. Is there a way to ‘prewarn’ other sitters?

Did you actually start the sit or was it a pre sit visit? If you started you will be able to do a review after it was supposed to finish. If it was a previsit can’t think of a way you can review or warn.

It was a previsit. And thank goodness I did!

Hi @Cesca welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry that you’ve had this experience, thank you for feeling you were able to bring it to the community, please connect with our membership services team and make them aware of the situation.

No sitter should be made to feel uncomfortable because of cleanliness issue of any home. Please either email or connect with them via live chat and they will look into the situation to prevent any other sitter going through the same experience.

Do feel free to DM me also.


I think the feedback system on THS leaves much to be desired if you want to leave anything but a highly enthusiastic review as a sitter. If you posted a review saying you would not recommend a sit you are in danger of getting a negative review in return from the home owner. The system just doesn’t work! Would be much better if the review system was run like of AirBnB where neither review is posted until both parties have submitted their review.


It absolutely does not work. The site refused to allow me to post a list of complaints about a sitter I had.