Feeling irritated with THS messages!

Hello fellow THS members and staff. I didn’t know how to title my topic so I am expressing my feelings!
I am feeling irritated by messages received from THS! This is what’s happening…
Yesterday I received a very nice message from a lady in UK inviting us to sit for her. It’s always nice to be picked out and invited and it’s happened often. Only once, so far, have we been able to take up an invitation (a wonderful villa sit in the south of France!) But in this case yesterday we had to decline as we are committed elsewhere. We had a nice little exchange & wished each other well. End of story. Or it should have been!!
This morning I received notification on my App that my application was declined by **. I also received an email with the wording ‘unfortunately you were not successful in your application to sit for **’ and another message with the highly irritating wording 'It’s a little unfortunate!!!
If these message come following a genuine application where we were not chosen it’s OK (although the ‘its a little unfortunate’ message drives me mad every time- its so annoying and should be dropped completely!
But what we don’t like is that these messages also come every time we decline a sit we’re invited to but which we DID NOT APPLY for! It triggers us every time. As far as we are concerned the dialogue between us & the host is sufficient and does not require all this unnecessary notification from THS!!
What do other sitters think about this?
And maybe membership services can explain it too?!!
Sorry for the rant but got to get that off my chest! Thanks for listening.

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