First time Owner -- SO NERVOUS, help!

Hi Erika, bringing your dog’s favourite toy or object will comfort them during their stay.
Your dogs will be in good hands.

Hello Erika.
Stock the sitter up with a lot of teeny treats that your dogs like so your sitter can be the provider of good things too! Dogs respond to food and it will be a great way for the sitter to have interactions with your anxious one.
Can the sitter come over for an hour or two a couple time while you are there and just play with and interact with the dog so the dog gets a bit more familiar with her In your presence?

Anytime I have a sit approaching that’s in my vicinity I try to make a date or two in advance to meet & spoil (walk, play, treats) the pupper(s). The intention is that they won’t see me as driving their family away but rather as being there to love them up (hope, hope… so far so good!).

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