Flexible in our time frame

Hello, we are Els and Erik from the Netherlands and new in this community. We both are just started on our pre retirement and and looking for new opportunities. We traveled to the USA, France, UK, Germany and Italy. Els is speaking Italian on a regular level. Erik is speaking English and German. We are very active and would like to help people to take care of their house during their leave. We don’t have much experience with pets, beside some cats. But willing to learn. We are flexible in our time frame and prefer a sit in France or Italy.


Hello Els and Erik and welcome :slightly_smiling_face::wave:t2:

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Thanks Samox


Hello and welcome Els & Erik, it’s wonderful to have your join our community forum and TrustedHousesitters, thank you for a really thoughtful and informative introduction, most of the owner members in our community do come to the site for pet care … and homes of course, and many with cats. There are a number of ways to get experience with pets, volunteering at a shelter is great as not only do you get experience but you are doing a great services in helping the shelters.

Speaking other languages is such an advantage and will be a great benefit when sitting in different locations.

Do explore the forum there are excellent conversations happening and I’m sure you will be great contributors. Feel free to ask questions, our community are helpful, supportive and have much to share.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team