For the love of Fluffy

One day, my hamster Fluffy seemed sick and wasn’t eating much. The vet told me he had a tumor and surgery was an option. I was torn between putting Fluffy through surgery or letting him go. I decided to go ahead with it, and after caring for him during his recovery, he made a full recovery. It was a tough experience, but it taught me to be there for my pets when they need me the most.


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I totally understand how tough it can be when our furry friends are sick. It’s great that you decided to go ahead with the surgery for Fluffy’s tumor removal.


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I am so pleased you decided to go ahead and have the surgery for Fluffy. I remember a budgie I had as a child had a deformed leg and it was severely debilitating for him so my parents decided to go ahead and have surgery to try to straighten, I remember he had a little makeshift lollipop for his recovery but he was all well in the end.

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It’s great to hear that your hamster Fluffy made a full recovery after the surgery. It’s always a difficult decision to make when our pets get sick and we have to consider the best course of action. Surgery can be risky for small animals like hamsters, but it’s important to weigh the benefits and risks and make an informed decision with the help of a veterinarian.

It’s wonderful that you were able to provide the care and support that Fluffy needed during his recovery. This experience shows how important it is to be there for our pets when they need us, and to do our best to ensure they have a good quality of life.

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