Forum Login Challenges

I’m currently signed into the forum via 1Password (I use it for storing my logins). However, when I try to login to the forum from my THS mobile app, it gives me an error …

Even using 1Password to fill in the details, it doesn’t work. I also tried copy and paste, still doesn’t work.

Hi @NigelF and how frustrating that you are having login issues. Could it be that you’ve got an incorrect password stored in 1Password? However, I’m going to tag @Lucy-Moderator and she will be able to pick this up in the morning when she’s back on line to offer advice. The only other thing I can think to do in the meantime is to reset the password. All the best, Vanessa

Hi @NigelF

I have sent you a direct message here on the forum to help with your login issues.


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I have to use a different password when I log into the Forum and another when I log into the main TH website. I was one of the people who initially tested the website and had to use another password but don’t know if that’s the same for you?

I use Last Pass and I had a similar problem because the application gets tricked by the similar website addresses and incorrectly fills in the THS password instead of THS Forum password. I had to rename the two passcards and select “do not autofill at this site”. That resolved the issue.

I do too, I was asked by the forum site to create one.

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Thanks - I have 1Password setup to recognize the difference.

Just me being an idiot! All sorted now. Thanks.