Forum mods on an away day meetup in France!

On one of my “away from forum days” I enjoyed a fab time yesterday sampling wine with @Karen-Moderator in Beaune, France (along with our respective other halves Ian and Garrett). We visited the 149th Fête des Grands Vins – a weekend festival of wines when they finally auction off all the wines grown this year in the local region on the Sunday afternoon.

Karen has been staying just down the road in Lyon and invited us along to this event not far from our home. Garrett was our wine tour expert for the afternoon as we sipped and sampled wines in our specially issued glasses, before we headed into the centre of town where the weekend’s festival spirit was in full flow. We sat outside and ate boeuf bourguignon while warming up with vin chaud (hot spiced wine). Apart from drinking wine, we of course spent a lot of time chatting and comparing our nomadic travel and house sitting lifestyles that have taken us all over the world! A perfect mix!

Are there any wine buffs in this group?


And on that note, now we are seeing more and more meetups we’ll shortly be re-creating the Meetup & Events category to make it a little easier to see where and when both your own privately arranged get-togethers and our company organised meetups and events are taking place.

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Meetups can take shape in so many different ways and it only takes 2 to create one!

Happy weekend :wine_glass:


What a wonderful way to spend a day! Even better that it was a meetup too.
I visited Beaune many years ago while staying with a French family, and I remember it being a lovely place.


That looks like great fun. Lovely pic of you all too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, @Vanessa-ForumCMgr we had such fun! Thanks for joining us and for showing us around beautiful Beaune. What a wonderful day we had sharing travel and pet stories while sampling some really great wines! Garrett and I are looking forward to crossing paths with you and Ian again in the days to come!