Friday Thoughts: What Are You Missing The Most?

As a full time sitter I’ve been fortunate to housesit the world. US, Canada, UK, France Spain, Australia, New Zealand, even the Caribbean. Lifelong friendships made, memories to last a lifetime and authentic experiences I could never have discovered through traditional travel.

Since March 27th, no pets, people or places … so what is it that I miss the most?

PETS bonding with a new pet, being greeted by a familiar furry friend. Selfishly perhaps, I miss the way they make me feel, happy, less stressed and needed … I believe as a sitter I get back far more than I ever give, I miss that.

Thanks to technology we can stay connected to one another through the website, this forum or our social media channels. When safe travel returns so will our pet and housesitting lifestyle … we cannot wait

What do you miss the most?


I miss mostly being able to browse, choose and apply to some sits among hundreds of assignments. I miss calling my petsitting friend asking : :"what do you think of this one. isn’t meant for us ? " I miss those exchanges with the pet owners before the assignment. I miss receiving the positive answer. I miss reading the booklet; rules of the house and needs of the animals, I miss asking a leave of work because I am going to petsit for two weeks. I miss buying my plane ticket when needed, booking an hôtel and visiting the city before and/or during the sit. I miss taking care of my furrry friends. I miss my little THS’ life.


Beautifully said … thank you @Brigitte

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I miss to see other landscapes from “my” window, other home decorations (inspiring), to hear foreign languages, to meet other people, other pets than mine (problem is I miss my puppy when I’m away), other dogs and cats. With different characters from the ones of my own pets, I owned in the past and I live with presently.

I miss answers from home owners who keep silent (2 days ago one had asked me if I could come when I had written her 3 weeks ago I did not understand why she had 40 applicants, amount growing every week, and that I declined her change of dates. Which meant she did not even read my former messages)

I miss conjugal breaks, pet sittings are so great for that : a week or 2 far from home. Lovely.


The heat !!
Having spent most of the last 3 years in Asia, I am not really enjoying Scotland in the winter. Temperatures here have been around zero most days, and wet.

In Asia Temp around 30 most days, all year round, although you do get rainy season.

Also miss the food. So much choice in Asia - street food in Thailand, coffee shops in Vietnam, beach bars on Bali.

And of course the pets. All of my sits except one have involved dogs, so miss the walking on beaches in shorts - oh miss shorts. Didn’t wear long trousers for almost 3 years.

A wee lunchtime snack in Jakarta.


I’m back to sitting, so it’s really just the variety and consistency of news sits that I miss. And being able to get inspired by “oooh, yes, I could sit in Barbados/Iceland/in a castle in Bavaria”… If I see exotic sits now, I just have to skim past them. Z