G’day from Sydney!

Hi @Von I see you have had some great advice already. Yes, as @RadarInc mentions, Homeowner can certainly search for sitters too. There are many homeowners, that prefer to simply pop up their dates, and wait for sitters to apply. I would like to suggest that you also download the App, and on the App set up a saved search for New York and other areas you fancy, so that you get an instant notification when the homeowner puts up new dates.
As you mention, you may not have time to do a local sit, so your references are vitally important. However, do keep you eye on the local sits, as you may suddenly have a weekend free to help a homeowner in need.
If you have an Airbnb and/or Linked-in profile, you can download it on your profile, which will always gives your profile that extra credibility.

I would also like to suggest that you add your profile to the forum, so members can see your profile here.

Kind regards