Gardens not watered

I’m sorry that you’ve been so let down. The sitter’s actions were indefensible. (And to think that such a person is raising a child, presumably modeling behavior.)

You sound like a good host and deserved better. I wish you much better sitters in the future.

If you have time, spend time in the forum and you’ll see that various folks offer good advice for screening sitters. No amount of screen guarantees great sitters (or hosts), of course, but it’s still worth bettering our odds with good screening practices.


I’m really sorry about this, sounds like someone who thought they were in a free Airbnb (although lots of Airbnbs say you can’t bring guests over!).

Can’t delete. Nevermind.

I’ve just discovered more things missing upon realising a shelf in our storage cupboard is half empty. I’m now wondering what else has gone missing during her sit. Sadly it seems like it’s time to contact the police. I hadn’t done a home inventory nor taken photos prior to her stay. Has anyone ever managed a situation like this with THS?

Yes, I did. She responded saying she did water the garden, and stated that she had told me when we met that she will not be held responsible if any of my plants die during her sit.

She didn’t say that at all during our meeting, and I can see in the CCTV footage (I had pointed out exactly where the cameras were, but she might have forgotten they were there?) that none of the plants in the back garden were watered at all. The hose didn’t move for her entire sit. Sadly the gardens I’ve spent years caring for are mostly dead except for the trees. Our hedges, fruit trees, nearly everything. I’m really quite devastated. I was polite in all of my messages, but she was really quite rude in her responses, even swearing at me.

She responded to me saying I really should be thanking her for staying in a house with so many problems that it’s basically falling apart! Our home is not in any way falling apart, it is a beautiful and well maintained home, so I’ve no idea what she’s talking about with a lot of problems. She didn’t elaborate, and I believe she said that as a tactic to move away from the watering discussion.

Our hime is a large 2 story home with outbuildings, a pool and a large garden which require a lot of care. I was very clear about it all and she spent several hours with me prior to the sit as I showed her how everything worked. She assured me she would be fine with everything. I had thanked her many times both during the sit and upon return, despite her rudeness to me.

Her last message to me was to say that she would be going to the police if I continued to harrass her. My messages were polite and factual, only asking questions about where she might have left missing items. She responded that she didn’t take them, but I never suggested that she did. I wonder if one of her house guests did however, because we do have many nice things and I understand the temptation when confronted by a home with so much. Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t even notice.

I’m incredibly disheartened by this experience, and don’t want to ever go away again. I know it’s raw at the moment however, so hopefully this will change. We have previously had some excellent housesitters, some average, but this experience was a whole other level.

I’m so sorry. The whole situation seems to get worse and worse, but this one detail seems so aggressive and unnecessary (even if she had said it in the pre-sit).

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I am so incredibly sorry that you’re going through this.

What was her profile and previous reviews like? Did she seem ok at the time?

That’s absolutely appalling behaviour. :cry:

@clscanlan please keep us posted regarding your MS outcome.


This is appalling behaviour, although it could possibly be her daughter’s friends to blame, who shouldn’t even have been there.
Of course she should be booted off THS, but don’t hold your breath. I was reading some reviews of THS on a very well known site, one review said - my sitter stole 2,000 dollars worth of wine, my prescription medication, and some of my clothes, she even took photos of herself wearing my clothes, and she’s STILL on the platform. Incredible!

@clscanlan what you have described it a horrible experience and not representative of all the great trusted reliable sitters on this site.

If expensive items have been stolen you can contact the police as they have more authority to act than THS. You would probably need a police report for your home insurance claim too.

Here are some links that might help you with the process until member services get back to advise you.

The THS insurance requires that you claim for your own home insurance first, it also won’t reimburse for (III 6 ) (e) “mysterious disappearance, loss, or any unexplained loss of Contents; “

In addition to your insurance claim you can make a complaint about the sitter .

@clscanlan Personally, I would be sorely tempted to call her bluff and go to the police regarding the missing things. I can assure you no one (or maybe 1%?) does an inventory before they leave. Both the owner and sitter’s reputation is at stake through reviews, hence why stealing is pretty uncommon. The odd thing here or there, once in a blue moon. But several things? No. That is theft.

Here in Sweden, they would probably tell you to use the web form for that. And there, a question would be the name and address of the suspect.

If one could supply that information, I guess the police would only call them in for questioning if they saw that this was a repeat offender.

Thank you, this is all helpful information.

Oh my goodness, that is outrageous!
She should definitely have been booted for that behaviour!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
She only had one review for a 2 day sit, but it was fine. She said she had 20 years experience house sitting and worked in aged care so we felt she was a good choice for our dog with arthritis.
When she came to meet me she seemed very nice. It was the first day of our holiday that alarm bells went when she asked for the pool to be cleaned immediately, and I could see from the CCTV that she wasn’t being honest about some things she was saying, but my husband reassured me that it was probably fine and to leave her be.

I am inclined now to ask new / low # of reviews “applicants” how they heard about THS.

Online advertising…? HMMM… I may follow up with…“oh interesting…what was in the ad that caught your attention…I haven’t seen any of the THS ads…” :thinking:

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Hi My husband and I will be doing our first sit in two weeks time. Can I ask you something about reviews which you have Shed a little bit of light on for me when I’ve been reading other House requests it’s clear that they have previously had a sitter but there is no review. Is it not obligatory to leave a review because it’s the one thing that puts me off as I think that perhaps the sitter had only bad things to say and would rather not review it!

Of course we all want to know who she is now to avoid a similar experience!:rofl::rofl:

Don’t choose sits with no reviews if you can help it and if you really want the sit then ask during the video call why there are no reviews @EllieandAndy or it could be a problem sit….hope your first one is a success! :raised_hands:t3: