G'day from an Aussie outside of Montreal

Hello everyone, I’m Cathy from Australia. I’m 48 & I’m on my first ‘official’ sit here, looking after a lovely cat called Chaman for 2 months. It’s been an awesome experience so far, especially because it’s been Winter here & I got to experience a white Xmas, the complete opposite to back in Oz. I’m in Canada until June, then off to the states for 3 months, after that, open to anywhere as I have no ‘set’ plans for the future. Also looking forward to connecting with others & always happy to have a chat.

Pici of Chaman.


Hello @cath_the_explorer and welcome to the Community Forum and congratulations on securing your first sit. Chapman looks absolutely adorable! :cat::slightly_smiling_face:

It’s so nice you have been able to experience a white Christmas whilst you have been there. Whereabouts in the States are you heading? :blush:


G’day @cath_the_explorer we are also Australian from Brisbane. We’ ve done something similar but in the UK. We left home at the end of November for 5 months to escape the Qld heat and humidity (it’s 40 degrees in Brissie today with rain heading in, so like hitting a wet wall of humidity outside, ugh) and have a cold Christmas and see snow for the first time. We are now at our half way mark and on our 9th sit and we are having an amazing time. But what it has highlighted is that we live in a country with a fantastic way of life that we are looking forward to returning to at the end of April. We really enjoy travelling but there is no where like home!


Hello @Samox24, thankyou, he’s such a character, I’m so lucky. :slight_smile:

I’m havina great time here & enjoying the Canadian Winter. Such a change from Australia where it’s summer right now. I will be heading to Vegas to see friends, as well as San Francisco & hopefully New Orleans. From there, into Central Amercia. :slight_smile:

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G’day Crookie! Ah Brisbane. I have friends there & yes they have been telling me how hot it is this year. I’m from Newcastle, so no quite as hot. Nice one that you’re in the UK. Wow 9 sits is cool, well done. I’m the opposite though in my way of thinking, I don’t want to go back. The more I travel, the more I just want to keep going, so that’s what I’m doing.


I’m just down the highway from you. I hope you enjoy your stay in Montreal. It is a beautiful city. My daughter loves it so much that she is attending university there next year. If you want any tips on day trips, let me know. I’m an hour away and pretty familiar with these parts.

Hello from a fellow Aussie. Sounds marvellous. Have a wonderful time

Thank you very much. Have really enjoyed it here & now heading to the East Bolton area for another one. :slight_smile:


Thank you fellow Aussie. :wink: