G'day from Jeanne and Phil in Melbourne, Australia!

Phil and i have recently joined this community. We are semi retired and would like to caravan around this beautiful country by caravan, secure in the knowledge that our house and fur babies are being well looked after.
We are hopeful to find some kind , responsible people who may want to explore Melbourne and surrounds and all there is to offer here.
Melbourne has it all in terms of culture and sports world class museums, theatre and sporting events.
We are conveniently located 50 minutes west of Melbourne in a country town. We are also close to attractions in regional and surf coast areas such as Daylesford, Bendigo, Ballarat and Great Ocean Road.


G’Day Jeanne and Phil, welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. What a great introduction and what a real adventure you have to look forward.

So many members on the Forum do exactly what you are hoping to do, knowing they can leave their best furry family safe and happy at home. I’m sure there will be many sitter members who would love to stay in Melbourne with fur babies for company, the best kind.

You can add the link to your listing in your Forum Profile and other members will be able to find and view it. here is how How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Enjoy connecting with other members and once again welcome.

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Welcome JeanneandPhil: We did a house sit five years ago in Ballina, NSW. It was our first time to Australia and absolutely loved it! We combined our two week sit with personal travel and I put together the itinerary. We flew into Cairns, spent two nights in Brisbane, bussed it to Ballina and then flew to Sydney where we ended our month long vacation. It was an incredible vacation and we would love to come back to Australia and see the other coast! Long plane flights from Canada but we need to do it again while we’re still agile!


Hi @JeanneandPhil and welcome to this great community forum. My husband and I are sitters from Scarborough just north of Brisbane. Our profile is on the link in my forum name @Crookie We will be next in Melbourne on 10 July when we fly down for a 4 week sit at Neerim South. Love Melbs, been many times for work. We would like to know more about your home, pets and sit dates when you link the details to your profile. Regards, Jenny

Hi Jenny, Thanks for the warm welcome😊. Neerim South is a lovely area. I spent a weekend there with friends once.
Phillip and i had thought we had friend who would be a sitter but it fell through unfortunately.
So now we are at a bit of a loose end. We are going to Adelaide on 23 April. We will marry there on the 30th and from there caravan around the country until July. Would you be interested in coming to Melbourne sooner than your July 10 arrival? Even if you couldn’t make it on the 23rd April we may be able to organise something that would work for both of us?
Im trying to link our ad with the community forum but so far haven’t been able to do it.
Bunny and Gizzie are adorable cats. Very loving and sweet. Bunny is 10 and Gizzy is 9. Ive had them since they were kittens.
Bacchus Marsh , where we live, is a charming little town, known for its strawberry and cherry farms, and gold rush era town centre.
Our home is on a hill , close to the freeway and town centre( a 5 minute drive).
Im happy to tell you more if you are interested.
Thanks for saying hello,

Jeanne and Phil.

Hi Globetrotter,
Thank you for your warm welcome. We are excited to be a part of this community. Australia is a magical place. I moved here from Boston almost 20 years ago and live out here too.
Are you wanting to come to Australia in the near future?
Kind regards,

Jeanne and Phil

Hi @JeanneandPhil Angela did embed the instructions for how to link your listing in her welcome message. However, you may not have noticed it that way, so I’ll add it below.

If you have difficulty doing it, if you add the details to your post - location as shown on your listing (not always the same as what people show on the forum) and date range, it will make it easier for forum members to locate your listing.

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Hi Jeanne & Phil, thanks for the offer but unfortunately we have commitments that prevent us from travelling sooner. Hopefully at another time. Best wishes with your wedding. Regards, Jenny

Hi @JeanneandPhil and welcome to the forum from a central Victorian sitter. I’ve found your listing under Bacchus Marsh and Bunny and Gizzie look gorgeous cats. You have some lovely photos of your home and garden but I would suggest you include photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitters would use as well as the kitchen. It is a relatively long sit so it’s important for sitters to see what their temporary accommodation will be like inside.
I’m also wondering whether it would be a good idea to either include in your heading or in the first sentence of your listing about your upcoming wedding and the need for sitters for this special occasion. That might help.
Depending on your membership you may have the opportunity to boost your listing which would bring it to sitters’ attention.
I hope you find some lovely sitters so you can enjoy your wedding and caravanning afterwards.


Hi Jeanne and Phil and welcome. I’ve never been to your amazing country/continent(!), but I hope to rectify that in the not-too-distant future. I wish you luck finding excellent sitters to help you follow your dreams.


Hi Edith ,

Thank you for your kindness. I hope you are able to come to Australia soon, it is a magical place.



Hi Temba,

Thank you for your advice. I will try these things. You are very kind to give me suggestions.
All the best,

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Jeanne and Phil -
Welcome to the forum. I’ve visited Australia a few time - first back in 1990, then again a few times in the last 15 years. Been to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Hobart but would love to get a bit out of the big cities.
I’m looking to put together a string of sits over 4 to 8 weeks. Probably in 2023 as I’m pretty booked up for 2022 except for mid Oct-mid Nov.
So I’ll keep my eyes out for your listing.
Take care.