Geography Test Results: Fail 😩

I have come to realise how utterly rubbish I am at geography. Not world geography, I’m a valuable pub quiz team member at capital cities & history but domestic, UK place name geography.
Such a high percentage of UK sit place names mean nothing to me. There’s a constant exchange in our house that goes;
Me “where’s Piddock-under-Mobbleston?”
OH “no idea” (checks Google maps).
5 mins later …
OH “North Goatwrangleshire”
Me “What is?”
OH “That place you asked about”
Me “Oh I’ve moved on from that now. Where’s Crangletown?”
Repeat ad infinitum

Lovely US listings ALL have the state letters (fun to guess for sitters not looking to go there but no doubt meaningful to US residents.
Equally lovely Oz listings have their state.
Please, UK HOs, put at least the county where you are!


Yes! I just assumed everyone in the UK knew everywhere :slight_smile:
I have suggested before that, when we do a map view on THS, the pin should vibrate, just to give us an indication where a listing might be located. I see they have something to that effect on the App, but not on the website. What a pity. I don’t use the app much, I’d rather use the website.

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Oh @Saltrams and @botvot I thought it was just me that didn’t know where these places are! :laughing:

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But that’s the fun of the adventures
Discovering what you don’t know,
Especially when you think you know…