Goodbye September - Hello October

October 1st 2020
Do you know who wrote … “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”
Fun Facts about October

The beauty of fall in the N Hemisphere and Springtime in the South -



how do you manage to put small photos, all mine are huge. Do we need to reduce them before sending them, i thought it was automatic ?

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When you upload an image there is a ratio option underneath the image preview, to the right of the text box there are three sizing options, I selected 50.
I believe this may be a feature we’ve added as a result of your question about sizing @Provence


can i reduce the size of the pictures already sent a few days ago ? I wanted to modify a reply and it was impossible after one day, impossible to delete too…

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I Think you are brilliant :clap: on this forum.
You always make me smile :smiley: or laugh.

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