I have really enjoyed being part of the Forum over the last 6 months.

A lot of good advice from both home Owners and other sitters, and I hope that some of my opinions and thoughts have helped others.

Since the launch of the forum worldwide a couple of weeks ago, it has started to be taken over by a number of people who are not used to people who do not always agree with them and resort to bullying.

Happy House sitting.


Don’t let them get to you Peter… its just another form of social media and it takes all sorts of people and cultural backgrounds to make it work. Even in controversy there are opportunities for positive change.


Peter I have DM you to discuss. Your contributions since joining have been of great value and you are a valued member of our TrustedHousesitters community and this forum.

This forum was created as a safe and welcoming place for all of our members, away from Social Media. A place to talk all things pet and housesitting, to share stories and experiences, have productive discussions and share feedback and ideas.

We need to remind everyone that while you may not agree with another member’s opinion we will not tolerate bullying or personal attacks and to keep all responses and conversations respectful and considerate of others.

Anyone who persists in such behavior will be removed from the forum.

We are saddened by this also by Peter’s decision and hope we can persuade him to stay as a valued member of the forum.

Angela and the Team


Sad to see you go :cry: I do hope you reconsider, but totally understand.

There are many different ways to housesit, and everyone needs to accept that there are different ways of doing it. At the end of the day this is a discussion forum and you shouldn’t be attacked for sharing your opinion.


No way @Petermac. I always look for your opinion that I find well-balanced and thoughtful. In fact, I wished you were my neighbor :grinning:.
The world is full of all kind of people, and we need some like you.


Too bad, I like comments. You seem to be an experimented pet sitter. So I found interesting to read all experiences. I didn’t imagine some things I read in differents topics. For example cleanliness of home, reviews or absence of reviews wich is an indication… It is interesting to find different points of view.

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Sorry to see you go. Although I’ve only been here a short time, I have appreciated your thoughts and comments. I hope you reconsider.


No petermac

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It will not be the same without you.
Your knowledge, your fantastic sits.
Pictures etc .
Sad sad loss.