Greetings from a new house sitter


My name is Lina Buffington. I live in Chicago, IL with my hubby and love to travel and see the world. In addition to travel I love spinning, weaving, and all things textiles.

I also love working with clay. My dream is to travel around the world learning spinning and weaving techniques. For My day job I am an Executive Director of a non- profit organization. I look forward to getting to know everyone, and finding my first house sit!


Hi @lbuffin,

On behalf of the forum team, a warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitter’s community. Have you done any spinning or weaving yourself? how did you become interested in weaving? I’m from New Mexico where I was fortunate to grow up seeing weaving from beginning to end and definitely share an appreciation for the artistry.

As you cannot share a link to your listing in this post, do share a link to your listing on your forum profile for a bit of extra exposure. But the main website is where ALL our members will see your opportunity and be able to apply and message with you.

If at any time you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out to our community here which is full of helpful members who have been through the process themselves and will happily give advice and guidance. And don’t forget our membership support team are always on hand to give assistance.

All the very best,

Kelly & the Forum Team


Oh a weaver! I am a knitter of textiles and usually move my spinning wheel out of the spare room into my bedroom, so it doesn’t get in the way of the housesitter. I cannot move my yarn stash though, it’s all in boxes out of the way but I’m sure people sometimes wonder why I have so much wool. What they don’t know if that I have bags of fleeces in the garage too :smiley:

I lost my confidence with the spinning and will have another go this winter. What a wonderful idea, travelling the world and learning different techniques. I am considering getting a peg board for weaving rugs. If you’re ever looking for a sit in my neck of the woods - Wiltshire, SW England - do get in touch. Happy travels!


Hi @lbuffin Welcome to the Forum. I am currently in Chicago, IL to attend a WNBA game–go Chicago Sky!

Spinning and weaving sound interesting. What is the difference between the two? What do you make? Is that a loom in the picture?

I remember an episode of “the Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon had a loom and his mom asked him, “Honey why did you get a loom.” And Sheldon responded, “I was working with luminous fish and I thought… hey–loom.” :rofl:

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You must go to Shetlands and Orkneys. And of course all the Scandinavian countries. The spinning and weaving culture is second to none there.
It’s hypnotic watching them and so restful.


Yes, I have seen some of the Scandinavian strip weaving and it is beautiful.

Yes, that’s my floor loom in the picture. Spinning is the process of turning raw fibers into yarn. Weaving is a process of turning yarn into textiles. Have fun in Chicago!

I tried spinning on the wheel and it is definitely something to get used to. Right now I mostly just use a drop spindle. I find it less stressful :wink:, though someday I would like to get a wheel. I will definitely reach out at some point.

I spin and weave, that is my floor loom in the picture. I have always loved textiles and started with fashion design and sewing, quilting, embroidery, dying… and decided that I wanted to actually learn how to create the actual textile rather than just manipulating them.

Wow that’s incredible! sounds like it would be a lot of fun to learn