Greetings from Aotearoa, New Zealand

Greetings from New Zealand from a family of three

Recently joined and looking forward to making lots of pet friends :smiley:, visiting new places and making wonderful connections and friends. We are a family of three who moved England to beautiful Aotearoa. Looking forward to house sitting and creating new memories!


Hi @Ayanna and family a very warm welcome our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters we are so glad you found us from Aotearoa, had you been to NZ before deciding to relocate and what has been your best discovery since arriving? …

I had to look up the pronunciation and discovered this >>>

What is the meaning of Aotearoa?

The most popular and authoritative meaning usually given is “long white cloud”, and there are two stories current to illustrate this. It seems the voyagers to New Zealand were guided during the day by a long white cloud and at night by a long bright cloud.

You can upload your profile to your Forum profile, that way other members will be able to “meet” you properly here is the “How To” Link and please feel free to ask any questions. We are a friendly and helpful community of like minded pet lovers always ready to share tips to new and experienced members, we never stop learning and were all new to this at one time.

We look forward to sharing in your new life in New Zealand and your new pet and housesitting adventures.

Angela and the Team

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Hello & welcome :hugs: