Greetings from County Antrim hi

Am a little shy


Billy no mates :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m sure you have lots of mates @Windtalker they just went to other comments :wink:

Thank you for flagging the Re:Protocol question, I have deleted and have absolutely no idea how it arrived at your doorstep.

Thank you again.

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Maybe not for us

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Leap year needed.
Thank you

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Welcome to the forum, from sunny Scotland. :cloud_with_rain: :umbrella: :zap: :snowflake:
It can be a bit slow sometimes, not that many members so far, I think they are still testing some of the options. Also since members are spread across the world in different time zones it can take a while for replies sometimes.


@Windtalker, If you have a look on all topics, all catégories you’ll see a few have 0 replies or very few, and others a lot.

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@Petermac @Provence @Windtalker Hi, hope you are all having a great weekend.

Just an update on Forum members, firstly thank you for being part of the community and for all of your contributions. We haven’t launched to the entire global membership yet, that will be in 2021 however the forum is public and any member can register and @Petermac you are correct of course having a global community there are many time zones in play.

We are really pleased with the level of activity with the relatively small number of members and our aim is to create a place for all everyone to connect, exchange, learn, share and grow … and for the TrustedHousesitters Team to really get to know our members, their needs, expectations and help them have the very best member experience and get the most from the membership.

Angela & The Team



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