Greetings from Denver

Hello Community!
I have been a TrustedHousesitters ‘Sitter’ member for 2 years already. I can’t believe it! My home base is Seattle, WA, but I have no permanent residence, so I rely 100% on booking a steady stream of housesits. COVID has certainly brought new challenges, to say the least! I’m currently in Denver housesitting for my Aunt and Uncle who head off RVing this time of year. I’m grateful to have a place to park myself while caring for my ailing father. It’s been a huge blessing!

Here is a link to my TrustedHousesitters profile, which I am now realizing hasn’t been updated since I started in August 2018. I bess get on that!

There isn’t really anything that no one knows about me (I’m pretty much an open book for the curious), but I did just discover that Abeona was the Roman Goddess of Journey’s, so I thought it fitting to adopt that as my forum moniker. It suits me and who I am at my core.

Also, as much as I appreciate social media for its merits, I have also had my identity stolen and been cyber stalked, so you won’t find any personal photos tied to my identity over the wires. I enjoy connecting over Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or what have you, but no photos.

I do take TONS of photos of my travels and the pets in my charge, and will happily share those. This one is of Ivy, she’s a sweet old lady who still very much enjoys a roll in the catnip and is manic for string play. This was taken in July during my last official housesit.
I pine for the borders to open and I dream of taking this housesitting show abroad. In the meantime, I look forward to getting to know you all and finding new ways to meet and connect!! ~wendy (aka Abeona)