Greetings from Greenlake, USA

Hi, I’m Michelle. I live in Greenlake after moving here from Chicago 8 years ago. I love animals and I’m also interested in checking out some other areas and neighborhoods in Washington, so I’m excited to be able to do that just by taking care of someone’s pets and home.
I also can’t wait to travel to other places using TH. Waaaay better than an AirBnB, and you get to feel as if you really are having a normal life wherever you go. I’m very excited to have my first sit in West Seattle later this month.


Hi @michellenora a very warm welcome to our community forum and what a lovely intro

You are so right … you get wonderful, priceless pet companionship and no bills.

Congratulations on your first sit and in Seattle you will have a great time, keep warm and dry and be sure to share your Seattle experience with us.

Angela and the Team