Greetings from sunny San Diego!

Hi I’m David Jeremiah and I’ve been house and pet sitting full time since May 2022! So far its been an absolutely incredible and unforgettable adventure that is inspiring people from all walks of life!

In the beginning of 2022, I came to a fork in the road that forever changed the course of my life. At the time, I was working for a local company in Phoenix, Arizona making good money. I was given an opportunity to help expand the business and make even more money, but it would’ve required a long-term commitment.

My dream has always been to be an entrepreneur, and I knew the window to make my dream a reality was closing. Out of respect for the business owner, and in order to take a chance on myself, I decided to resign from my position. I didn’t know how I would make it work, but I knew it was time to go all in on my dream. In order to stay focused on building my business full time, I knew I had to lower my costs, one of the biggest being lodging. I knew if I could solve for that, I had an even better shot at making my dream a reality.

I started brainstorming different lodging options. In the process, I remembered a conversation I had with a customer whose retired and a full time sitter around the world. I explored this option, and got my first house sitting opportunity in May 2022. Since then the rest is history in the making!

Prior to launching into the unknown, I knew as long as I had a reliable internet connection and cell phone reception, I could build my business from anywhere in the world. Within two weeks after leaving my job, I moved out of my apartment, and sold almost everything I owned, including my car! This allows me to be more flexible, save money, and travel lightly. All I have with me is a suitcase, a backpack, a small bag of books, and a burning desire to achieve my definite of purpose.

To provide a little more stability so I’m not constantly having to pick up and move every couple of days, my strategy has been to look for longer term sits at least 1+ month or longer (ideally 2+ months) and to stay in bigger cities where public transit makes it easier to get around. I started in Flagstaff, then Cave Creek, and then I’ve been in non-stop back to back sits sunny San Diego and Newport Beach over the past 7 months.

Since I started on this amazing adventure, I’ve met countless people from all walks of life. I’ve built good friendships with wonderful homeowners who entrusted me with the responsibility of taking care of their homes, beloved pets, and plants. I’ve also gotten to explore different cities, towns, and countryside.

Throughout my travels, I’ve learned that people find my story inspiring. In turn its inspired me to write my first book, and launch my vlog and podcast, which are all currently in progress.


@imdavidjeremiah hello and welcome to our forum! There is a wealth of knowledge from experienced members who can also help you if you run across any questions or concerns throughout your journey.

I must say, you took such a leap of faith to begin house and petsitting as you did and it is wonderful to hear about all the adventures you have already seen…with so many more ahead of you. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone but those who have chosen it are the type who are entrepreneurial and adventurous, such as yourself. For all of us who haven’t quite reached your level, we can at least live vicariously through you for the time being.

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Once again, congratulations on this great journey and make sure you send us lots of pics along the way!


Hi David
Well done! Your story will indeed be inspirational to many. I’ve been housesitting full time since January 2019 (with some breaks during the pandemic), moved out of my home & rented it out. I’m currently in New Zealand & will be in Australia in May.
I’m interested to hear about your business - what is it? or will writing your book take up too much time?
I too have made friends with so many house owners & have repeated sits on several occasions.
Good luck with your venture!


Hi @imdavidjeremiah - Welcome to the group. We did the same thing in September 2020. The cars were easy to get rid of, it was small things, with no monetary value but full of memories. that was the most difficult to say goodbye to.

We set off only with the intention to travel using Airbnb as accommodation which was great but we found that we were only visiting places that we already knew. Then, by accident, in June 2021 we discovered THS and immediately were hooked. We love the fact that we never know where we will be one month to the next and now almost exclusively find ourselves visiting places that would never have been on our original route map

All that we own we carry around with us and move on average once or twice a month.

We keep a blog for family and friends to keep up with where we are and what we have been up to - This is our blog page of every place we have slept in since giving up our permanent address back in 2020.

The nomadic life comes with challenges but the pros far outweigh the cons

Good luck and Welcome to the travelling community!


Hi Smiley, that’s awesome you’ve been doing this since 2019! I can definitely learn a lot from you and other members in this community who have more experience! Right now I’m focusing on building a wholesale real estate business. Thankfully I can operate from anywhere in the world as long as I have reliable internet and cell phone reception. As for my first book, it’s more of a living autobiography/journal where I share some of my adventurous stories and lessons learned that I think people may find inspiring and empowering. The aim of the vlog and podcast is to inspire and empower people to pursue making their dreams a reality. I do that through a combination of sharing my own story and documenting some of my journey, as well as review valuable resources I come across that I believe can help people to be successful in their own pursuits; i.e. autobiographies, books, websites, industry leaders, shows, vlogs, etc.

Hi Debbie, thank you for your encouragement and guidance on next steps! I’ve linked my THS profile to the Community Forum.

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Hi Colin, wow that’s very inspiring! Thank you for the warm welcome to the group! The more I meet other people in the house/pet sitting community, whether sitters or homeowners, the more I’m inspired to keep on going on this path. This is definitely a whole new world with seemingly endless opportunities to explore amazing opportunities. Best wishes on your continued adventures!

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That sounds fantastic! I wish you well and will look forward to hearing how things go

Hello @imdavidjeremiah and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

What an incredible leap of faith you took and an amazing journey you are having!

I have just tagged @Debbie-Moderator @Karen-Moderator to check your profile link is set up correctly as I just tried to open but there seems to be a problem viewing.

We would love to see photos from your travels if you would love to share on here?! :camera::blush:

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Hi @imdavidjeremiah. I fixed your link, so it works now. Thanks @Samox24 for calling this to my and @Debbie-Moderator’s attention.

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Thank you!

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I’ll definitely add some photos from my travels later today when I get a chance. Thank you for helping to get my link fixed!


@imdavidjeremiah you are very welcome and that would be great, we look forward to seeing them. :+1:t2::camera::blush:

Welcome to the TrustedHousesitters community forum @imdavidjeremiah :hugs:

What an incredible journey you have embarked on. I know it took a lot of courage to quit your full time career to pursue your dreams. I am so happy to hear you are enjoying it and meeting so many amazing people along the way.

I see you are currently in San Diego, woohoo! I’m from San Diego and absolutely love it here. We are actually having a THS member meetup this month on February 26th from 12-4pm at the dog friendly Kairoa Brewery if you are able to join us? It would be so fun to hear about your different sits with THS and learn more about your book and podcast.

Hope you can join us!


Wish I could be there!


Hi Julie! That’s awesome that there are local meetups! I just checked into my current sit last night and will be here for a week and a half. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for my next sit hopefully here in the area. If I’m still here in the area I’d love to attend and meet other THS members! Thanks again for the invite!

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Awesome! Keep me posted, we would love to have you join us!

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Hi @imdavidjeremiah, thank you for sharing! So you do dog sits solo? I’m still figuring out how to dog sit, get a good night’s sleep, and be productive. Any tips? Are you naturally a morning lark? I’m a night owl.

Our San Diego member meetup is tomorrow! Hope you can join us @imdavidjeremiah :hugs:


Hi Geoff, I apologize for just getting back to you now! It can definitely be a challenge to find focus, especially if you’re in a beautiful area with beautiful weather, like San Diego! I definitely haven’t achieved the ideal work/life balance yet, but the daily disciplines and habits are something I’m working on building daily. Sometimes it’s 2 steps forward 3 steps back. I’ve found the keys to success is having a very clear and compelling vision, time blocking, flexibility, adaptability, focus, and discipline. I try to envision what is up ahead, whether that’s weeks, months, year(s). Next I work my way backwards by figuring out major priorities for each week, then build my weekly/daily schedule around those. I try as much as possible to stick to the schedule, but also remain flexible and adapt to what’s going on. For example, if the pet(s) I’m looking after has a very strict schedule for certain things, i.e. feeding, walks, sleeping, meds, etc. then I’ll adapt my schedule to the little ones. Also while I have a default schedule each week, I also factor in if I need to move to a next sitting assignment, or factor in gap day(s) in between sits, etc. I try to keep consistent sleep schedule, but even with that I remain flexible. Thankfully I know I only need 6 hours of sleep a night. So whether that 10pm-4am, or I go to bed earlier or later, once I get my 6 hours I begin my day. I’m definitely not dialed in as much as I can and should be. But I’ve found these are the things when applied tend to keep me focused, driven, and experience more forward progress. Hope that helps!