Greetings from the sunny Algarve, Portugal!

Good afternoon everyone, we are not new to 'Trusted Housesitters" but new to this forum. We have had thankfully positive responses till now to our ads with some very amazing sitters caring for our fur babies. But for the last week have had no luck trying to communicate with trustedhousesitters on the phone or live chat?? We’re just baffled as we have had no interest in our post… anyone else experience the same difficulties or is it just us??


Hello @MnEm and welcome to the forum. Times are certainly still different to past years, and you are not alone in your current experience.

I suggest you add a link to your listing in your forum username. This will allow possible sitters to locate you, and also give constructive feedback that may help you make some tweaks to improve your listing. Here are the instructions:

Adding your listing to your forum username

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, if you post your location, as shown in your listing, and your date range, then sitters can search that way.

If your dates are relatively near, I can make other suggestions, but I’ll wait to first view your listing.

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Hi @MnEm I agree with @Snowbird - If you put your listing link in your profile or give us details on your sit, we could maybe take a look at your listing to see if there are any reasons that may be giving sitters pause.

In general, it does appear that there are more sits available than there have been in the past & there may be less sitters currently available because they haven’t completed the recently required ID verification.

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@thejohnsfam I just searched Portugal and there are only 14 current sits, so it doesn’t seem as though there are many competing sits. It’s also a popular destination for many sitters. It’s really popular with Canadians, to escape our cold winters.


I wasn’t even paying attention to the location :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil: Oops! Just going off of what I see in the US as well as the general feedback on the forum.

Sitters: This sit is in Cabanas de Tavira, Portugal, April 14 - 30. The headline is "It’s always perfect in Tavira!"


@Snowbird @MnEm It IS always perfect in Tavira! Such a wonderful little town, I was there briefly in January visiting friends and just loved it.


I’m planning to travel into Portugal from Segovia late September if that helps?

is this in Salir do Porto, ? nearest airport Lisbon ?
I looked at this the other day and was interested but need to look how easy the travel would be from Edinburgh Scotland. Unfortunately our choice of flights has been cut drastically
best wishes

I was there a few weeks ago and looking for a sit — too bad our dates didn’t coincide. Good luck.

@MnEm Duh!
just looked again and this is not the sit I thought was being discussed here. You are in Tavira. I did look at this but not free on the dates required or I would have jumped at it. :smiley:

Any chance you will need sitters in September or October 2022? We would love to look after Max, Emily, Lucky, Phoebe, Nour and Garfield in your lovely apartment in Cabanas de Tavira.

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Thank you but as yet have no plans for September.

Thank you :blush:


Thanks for your message. The nearest airport is Faro

We have just returned from the Algarve after spending 2 and a half years down there sitting.
80 per cent of the time we loved it apart from lockdown, but luckier than most .
We could go out and walk the dog, who we had for 18 months.
On paper a lot of these sits look amazing, and we totally understand why people want to go there.
BUT, as with all sits not everything is perfect.
A lot of people have rescue dogs that are not always trained properly and if you are used to breeds can be a problem.
Some sits are very isolated, cars are a must.
Shops not always handy.
If you sit in the winter months houses can be very cold and damp, central heating is rare!
If you sit in the summer months 40 degrees plus are common, you may think thats great, but you have to be up VERY early to dog walk! If you sit near a beach resort, packed for at least 6 months!
None of this is intended to be negative just please be realistic when you apply for these sits.
We LOVED Portugal and hopefully will be back next year, but only for 3 months!

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@MnEm I PM’ed you

Thank you :blush:

Hi fellow sitters of Portugal! :wave::smiley::portugal: I am on Madeira!!!