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Dear Friends, I love what we do, allowing sitters like me to have the thrill of spending holiday with pets as more of a local than a tourist. Right? To appreciate owners who prefer pets to be at home than boarding. It’s a win win!!! A member for several years, this is my way of life in traveling now, I am working on my 3rd career, soon retiring from nursing, and move to the outdoors as traveling park ranger. Joy & Cheers, Melissa (Groovy is obviously not my real name). 4-7-21


Welcome Groovy :wave:

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Hi Melissa … Groovy is perfect!

Welcome to our community forum and thank you for being part of our amazing community for all of these years, we cannot wait to get to know you better and share in your THS adventures.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our wonderful members … like you.

Angela and the Team

Welcome Melissa! Glad you’re here!

A traveling park ranger? How interesting! If it is just like it sounds, that seems like an amazing role!