Happy 18th Birthday Cindy!

“Rescuing one pet will not change the world but for that pet the world will change forever”

We wanted to share this Happy Birthday Message to highlight the work of breed rescue organisations and share just what it means to rescue or foster … especially for senior pets.

Cindy was rescued by Springer Rescue Scotland @Petermac when she was 16 and as we never know what the future holds when time marches on, for pets and humans alike, what a joy it is to celebrate this senior girl’s 18th birthday knowing she’s had two years of living her best, life full of love and from the pics comfort and adventures …

Cindy I hope we will be wishing you Happy 19th Birthday in 2023. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are blessed to have many “Golden Oldies” in our pet community.

Do you have a senior pet story or picture to share and celebrate Cindy’s BD?



Thanks for sharing this @Angela-HeadOfCommunity.

As you know I was involved with Springer rescue Scotland for a few years, fostering a few dogs, and eventually adopting a couple of boys. There is just something really special about making a bond with a “difficult” dog, and these 2 were just the best ` even with all their faults.


As I do most of my sits in SE Asia I find that a lot of the dogs I look after are older rescues, often owners are ex-pats, who take in a dog, sometimes from the street or from a rescue centre, and are mostly older dogs. My very first sit was for a lovely old boy in Bangkok. He was called Song, which is a lovely name. I think he was about 14.

Then a couple of months later I met this great old guy in Singapore, Whisky. totally blind from about the age of seven, but such a character.

and of course, there was Hoppy, on Bali, who I have mentioned on here before - one of my favourite ever dogs. Such a lovely old lady.

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Peter thank you for sharing more than one “awwww” moment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There is just something so special about seeing happy seniors … perhaps it’s got something to do with being able to relate?? :wink: :dog:


Awwww @Petermac! My heart just melted looking at these gorgeous older dogs and reading about your good works to help them. You, my friend, have made a difference in many pooches lives. Were you by chance a dog in a past life? :wink: