Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day To Our Canadian Community :canada:
Canada celebrates it’s 155 Canada Day birthday today


  1. Canada has more lakes than you think

The stereotypical thing associated with Canada is maple syrup, but the country has more surface area covered with lakes compared to any other country in the world combined.

  1. Canada has the world’s longest coastline

If one were to walk the entire length of the Canadian coastline at a pace of 12 miles per day, it will take 30 years.

  1. Canada has an abundance of trees.

Canada boasts 30% of the world’s boreal forest and 10% of the world’s total forests.

  1. Quebec produces the most maple syrup.

Quebec supplies almost two-thirds of the world’s maple syrup.

  1. Canada can get as cold as Mars!

A temperature of -63℃ (-81.4℉) was recorded in the small village of Snag on Feb. 3, 1947 — that’s colder than the average temperature on the surface of Mars!


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity, I’m a little slower than you today as I was about to do a similar post. Thanks for doing all the hard work. I started by looking for an image (that wasn’t copyrighted) and look who I found.

Photo by Adam B on Unsplash

I live in Niagara Falls, and there are so many parades and celebrations organized in the Niagara peninsula that I am so proud of where I live. I’ve lived here almost 50 years and only today learned that the neighbouring town has an annual cake parade. One of their boutique bakeries designs and donates a cake and it’s part of the parade and of course shared with those at the parade. Apparently this year the theme of the cake is being kept secret, which is unusual. Here’s a cake from a previous year.

Photo credit: Willow Cakes & Pastries

:canada: In Canada, on St. Patrick’s Day it’s said that everyone is Irish for the day. I therefore welcome everyone to be Canadian for today, and celebrate with us. :canada:


The image I used is all mine :heart_eyes: :canada:

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity, this is a great library of knowledge for Canada. Being an American, I didn’t even know what Canada Day was so now I know!

I have always heard how beautiful Banff is, and still have it on my bucket list, but this is what I found out about how they celebrate the day!

Lots of activities in the downtown area pedestrian zone, including marching bands, bicyclers and more. Wish I could be there. Maybe some day I can find a sit during the time of the celebration.

Replacing a one-hour parade with full day of activities

The Canada Day Parade in Banff is being replaced by day-long performances and activities this year for a number of reasons:

  • previous parade floats and performers have been invited to participate in an all-day activation of the pedestrian zone, with displays or performances, rather than only a one-hour parade
  • the full-day event provides more opportunities for residents and visitors to experience entertainment at different times, spread out at different locations
  • the day-long event allows collaboration with the Town of Canmore and other communities to attract performers, rather than competing for parade participants
  • multiple locations distributed throughout the day will help distribute the thousands of people who come to Banff for Canada Day activities, and distributing activities is beneficial for COVID safety, and makes for a better spectator experience
  • different time options provide flexibility for participants who are currently experiencing staff shortages, which would have prevented parade participation this year
  • the pedestrian zone requirements, such as vehicle barrier planters at either end, temporary bus platforms, and planters throughout the pedestrian zone narrow the space available to one lane, down from two lanes and loading bays. One lane presents challenges for floats and performers because, in Banff, our parades also always have barriers to keep the thousands of people, including children, safe when vehicles and horses are passing. The Town’s staffing challenges have also affected the Town’s ability to move all barriers and planters for a one-hour event
  • the Town did not want a parade to make current traffic congestion worse
  • as a town that strives to be a model environmental community, Banff is piloting activities that rely less on fossil-fuel powered vehicles (like flatbed trucks for parade floats and their emissions), which also pose a significant safety risk, for positive and clean entertainment for our community.

Another interesting fact - it can also get very very hot in Canada. This time last year, it was +45° C (113°F) in Kelowna.

We have our Canadian flag hanging from our front deck today, with an orange shirt right next to it in recognition of the indigenous peoples who were here long before colonization.

Happy Canada Day!


Am thankful for cool Canadians like Peter Mansbridge, Rick Mercer, Stompin Tom, Terry Fox & Roberta Bondar to name a few.

Proud to be a Canuck :slightly_smiling_face:. Won’t go home in a Canadian winter :scream::scream: but in Fall, sure. I have mountains & the sea to stare at here in our current NZ abode so all is good.

For all those who’ve not been to my homeland, there’s more to :canada: than Van, Vic, Banff, T.O. & Montreal :+1:


@Debbie-Moderator If you do ever get to Banff for Canada Day, plan to hang around a few more days and take in the Calgary Stampede. Of course Canada Day is celebrated everywhere so any places on July 1 is likely to be fun.

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It’s definitely on our list of places to see!

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