Has anyone had problems getting a completed welcome guide?

and thanks understood but we should not have to keep chasing them for this info
very frustrating

Hi @mischvus,

I am sorry that you feel frustrated about not being able to get a welcome guide from the homeowners. I do see that you have gotten a lot of really good advice and feedback since your original post. I went and took a look at your profile which has absolute stellar reviews! :clap: Since you have done so many sits let’s hope this delay of a finished welcome guide is a “one off” and the homeowners must just be inundated but will get it done before your sit. Who knows these homeowners and their pets might end up being the best sit experience you’ve ever had :slightly_smiling_face:

We would love to learn more about you and what you enjoy most about sitting. As you cannot share a link to your listing in this post, do share a link to your listing on your forum profile for a bit of extra exposure.

Where is your next sit taking you? The Forum is a wealth of knowledge even for the most experienced sitter. And don’t forget our membership support team are always on hand to give assistance.

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We had a sit last week with no advance welcome guide. I did, however notice from prior sitters reviews, that the HO would provide written instructions upon our arrival. What she left for us in the home was more than sufficient for our needs. All my other sits have provided guides well in advance. I must say they are very helpful for us, especially when we are unfamiliar with the area.

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Yes, the Welcome Guide asks for vet info twice. Redundant and unnecessary.

I am on a house-sit right now, and it’s the first time that the HO’s have used house-sitters. The husband filled in the welcome guide very completely and we refer to it often. First timers are often more conscientious than people who’ve had sitters. Once I had a lady who kept postponing the written guide but this came through a lack of confidence in her writing skills. I imagine that would be a one-off though. I really like to get the guide before I arrive so I have time to ask questions it may raise before the home-owners depart.

I recently finished a house sit in Athens, Greece today. This is the first time the homeowner is using THS. When I ask for the guide she told me “what is the guide for”. So I gave her my reasoning for having the guide. I had to remind her a few times that I need the guide so I can start booking my flights.

For a recent sit we never received the welcome guide although we asked about one more than dozen times. The HO kept promising that one will provided but the guide was never created or shared. There wasn’t any in-house guide in printed form so all instructions were shared through long text messages through out the sit. The most bizarre thing was the home address was never shared either. According to the THS June update the HO address should be available once the sit was agreed on, but this wasn’t. Since we were picked up by a taxi and driven to unknown location we had to activate our Google emergency service wellbeing check. Luckily all ended up okay at the end but it was one of our strangest sits to date.

That is just too weird @BunnyCat!
We had a sit once where the whole guide consisted of a 10-minute whatsapp video. Quite frustrating, because if you wanted to double check something, you had to kind of watch the whole video again.

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During the video chat, if it looks like we’ll do the sit, that’s when we focus on the importance of getting a completed WG within a week.

(As HOs, we have a completed WG but do not provide wifi passwords or door codes until the sitter arrives. We also provide a printed version of the guide for sitters to use.)

Once we get the WG and review it, if something seems way different from our conversation, it’s better to deal with it right away instead of waiting until we begin the sit.

In addition, we think it’s crucial to have at least one local person listed in the WG as emergency backup, so if the HOs can’t return on their scheduled day and we cannot extend the sit, a local person can take over and the pets are taken care of.


I love the welcome guide so much! The layout and calendar reminders are so helpful. I always ask the HO to fill it out since it is so helpful to me.

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Hi @Alma. Welcome to the community forum. Good for you for reminding your new host of your need for the guide, and for tying it to your ability to book flights. I hope once you received it, the sit was wonderful.

There are many sitters here on the forum who would love to sit in Athens! Were you right in the city?

I’m a sitter only. Is the welcome guide filled out once then shared with each sitter and updated as necessary?. Or is it filled out for every sit.

It is as you understand it @ExploreDreamDiscover. It is completed once then can be updated when there are any changes to the sit.

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Also, the welcome guide will disappear from your dashboard once the sitting finishes. So if you carry out a repeat sitting, you have to request it again.

I am a pretty new HOMEOWNER. I spent a long time writing and editing the Welcome Guide. I thought it was a great experience and would be very, very helpful!

How can I have my Welcome Guide reviewed so I can preemptively avoid problems arising areas from a confusing incomplete guide? I really think this document is essential and find it surprising owners don’t complete it.

Would it be acceptable if I deleted the personal info on our address/references/etc to create a pdf and asked willing sitters for feedback??? Or could you anticipate issues with the THS process???


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@AmyNJoe we had friends come and stay at our place while we were away and left them a printed copy to “test drive” and provide feedback. Maybe you have some friends or family who are familiar with your home who could do the same for you

Good idea! I asked our last Trusted House Sitters to provide feedback. They said it was perfect. So either it was complete or they were very kind. (I didn’t even know about it for our first sitter. Perhaps THS needs to do a better intro for owners on what is expected, the process, timing, etc. (I don’t know if this is available as a resource, or what they give to sitters. But maybe a sitter/owner committee would be helpful to them…?

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